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    Currently, I am a Project Manager in an Architectural / Engineering firm and am interested in Six Sigma. Upfront, I’ll admit that my knowledge of Six Sigma principles is minimal at best.
    My question is this; would I benefit, personally, by embarking upon Six Sigma certification and Green Belt training in this type of industry? I don’t believe my company has any desire to invest the time and money in Six Sigma training for Project Manager’s and above but with a compelling case I may be able to get them to spring for my training.
    My goal is to effect change and show the benefits of the program and the principles of Six Sigma training in hopes that it catches someone’s eye within the Corporate Officer ranks. If nothing else it would certainly make me more marketable.
    Any advice and feedback would be most appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.



    6S will give you an advantage over your peers. It will teach you a series of tools which will help you sort through the chaos of service industries, and identify why your processes aren’t efficient and wha you can do about them. It has it’s limitations as there’s always about 50% ‘noise’ that means it can’t always determine the root cause from your data. For that reason, you need to also learn about applied behavioural science (see Daniels, A. (2004). Performance Management, ADI, New York; or Braksick, L (2000). Unlock Behaviour, Unleash Profit. McGraw-Hill, New York) to effectively understand and change in engineering/architechtural organisations.
    Hope this was useful,



    Dear Mr Bob,
    Yes, you and your industry will benefit by adopting six sigma methodology for improvement. One you go through the training program, you will be in a better position to inform your management as how it will help the organization.
    It will surey benefit you personally, if you could bring improvement to the organization using six sigma.
    Hope it is OK.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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