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    Get a grip, six sigma is smoke and mirrors for consultants who don’t want to to work for a living. Six Sigma is a stylized version of actual management decision making. REAL managers/leaders/administrators can make the five heartbeats decisions. What is this you ask, (indignantly you bloodsuckers), it is the reality that real M/L/A’s issue verbal orders to subordinates who have been developed to execute these orders, and they can do it in five heartbeats without the endless reports, research and committees of a six sigma system. Real M/L/A’s surround themselves with loyal, trustworthy subordinates who can make such decisions work. If you rely on a “committee crutch” like six sigma you are just incompetent…see Peter Principle, The. Real M/L/A’s need no hardcopy to hold up in defense of failure, you who espouse this ridiculous system of delayed action are, losers.


    Merry Xmas.
    I hope your not a jehova.


    Dear P Voida,
    Great to hear that the tried and trusted management philosophies of “Never Mind What I Do, Do what I Say”, coupled with
    True Accountability (sack the operator/subordinate) are still alive and well. 
    Always blame someone else when they don’t follow the orders you didn’t give.
    Please don’t waste more of your so obviously valuable time trying to convert us to your principles, we’re having far too much fun increasing our budgets and our profit margins.
    Enjoy your New Year, and have a long and successful career.


    Anonymous “BloodSucker”
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    You obviously do not understand Six Sigma deployment as a business strategy. Some things are just go do it (in 5 heart beats). These are not appropriate Six Sigma projects.On the other hand if you are wondering why some problems perpetually come back to bite you, and Cost of Poor Quality is high, and customers complaints are high, you might want to consider a formal data driven DMAIC approach. It works!Oh and yes we consultants are expensive, but then so are good managers.


    Dear P Voida,Get a life !!!


    Your moma!


    Instead of dismissing P.Vs’s beliefs, perhaps everyone should relay their positive and negative experiences.  This might be a good time to get the many isix sigma’s readers to join forces and put together a force field analysis of six sigma. 
    We should be concerned that there are people such as P.V. bad-mouthing 6 Sigma and diminishing its credibility.  I work for one of the USAs largest and lethargic insurance companies whose mangement feels the same way as P.V.


    Okay, here goes. Using Six Sigma in just one location of our organization this last year, we had two Black Belts complete six projects totaling well over 5 Million USD in annualized savings. These project each had a direct consumer focus and fixed issues that caused customer dissatisfaction at key contacts with the customer. If it is true that the “same old good management” system work so wonderfully how can it be that there was this kind of money and this kind of customer dissatisfaction in our company? To give you an idea of who we are, we have been around about 40 years and are the subsidiary of an American company that is close to 100 years old. We practice all of the “quality” programs and train our managers dilligently in the right way to operate so that we maximize shareholder value. So, it seems to me that in the first year we would have had a difficult time finding work to do as Black Belts. Or maybe….just maybe you should reconsider your position. I can’t imagine a single company that can’t gain substantial benefit from deploying Six Sigma.By the way, we aren’t a manufacturing company either. We are in a services industry.


    Dr. Shree Nanguneri
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    Hi Mr. Voida:If what you say is true, first of all training someone at the entry level is a defect as HR should have already figured out their gaps and turned them down. Second on the job training is never associated with a return on investment and a change in behavior. Thirdly when six sigma is done right both change in behavior or culture as well as a return on investment and a knolwedge transfer takes place. Thus if these are being addressed by companies why would someone want a consultant for six sigma? As a matter of fact why would any company even hire a consultant if they had the right people or right vision to create any kind of change? Finally, what is wrong with not having to work for a living when you can truly demomstrate a value added service for a customer? If you go to a shop and purchase a service or product can one say you are lazy to manufacture or produce it? Why are you depending on someone to make it and distribute it for you? As a matter of fact you are creating a lot of waste by having all these middle men taking away the wealth in the process. You should actually produce it yourself. So you have your own reason just as others do. At the end of the day, one needs to know what they want and go out there and seek it. Branding people for what they choose to do is only going to stay with you and not provide you with solutions for your issues. The idea of managers, leaders did not work well hich Six Sigma coul dprovide when applied right. You don’t have to call it six sigma abd yet get the same results or better.
    Dr. Shree


    blah-de Blah.   blah-de blah?
    Try writing something interesting  when putting up the defense of SS
    Merry xmas


    My, my – do I detect the tone of someone who did not get selected in the deployment of a Six Sigma Program?
    I was one of those people that used to develop solutions to problems in 5 heartbeats (or less)- on the same problems every week. Why – because for the majority of issues a band aid can be applied for that time BUT you need to identify and control the root cause sof the defects.
    A Six Sigma program does not rely on ‘endless reports’ but on data driven results. If a Black Belt within the organization I work for has an Executive Sumamry longer than 1 page they redo it. The actual report will vary in length but is not a thesis.
    As far as real M/L/A’s surrounding themselves with loyal employees (read scrapegoats) and not needing ‘hardcopy’ (read lack of accountability)then if your comapny runs this way, please inform us so we can all get rid of any stock.
    The. Real M/L/A’s need no hardcopy to hold up in defense of failure, you who espouse this ridiculous system of delayed action are, losers.


    Dr. Shree Nanguneri
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    wake up!


    I love your attitude! If only all of the competitors of the company that I work felt the same way!It would be much easier to gain market share while improving margins and expanding our product line if everyone was as uninformed as you. Best of luck. Please spread your message!!! It makes life much easier for those who want to survive and prosper in the future.


    My wife has recently started working in a Six Sigma environment in which I have been for the past 5 years. Until a couple of months ago she would refer to me as a ‘Geek’ due to the excitement I felt when embarking on a new project and seeing things working as a result of my analysis and my work applying the Six Sigma principles.
    Now only two months into her new role, she has taken it all back and cannot grovel enough as she now sees why I used to get so involved! I would like to point out the following (before any of you come back with a funny comment):
    We DO have a life and can still be seen getting drunk at the weekend and NOT talking about Six Sigma
    Secondly, we have both worked as Managers of Departments previously so have seen both sides. Good Managers are essential to make a department/process work but Six Sigma tools enable those managers to become better managers.
    What ever your thoughts are out there, have a great christmas away from work!!


    Dear PO:
    It’s true that Six Sigma isn’t for all situations.  If the product and process is well understood and the size of the company is very small and all the members of the company communicate well together and the industry is very old such that improvement is not likely and the market is waning such that every bit of profit is squeezed out of old equipment that has been written off years ago and the employees are untrained / off the street with nothing to add anyway, well……I could see where Six Sigma could be a waste of time .


    I can’t believe someone actually would waste our time with this endless dribble.  Why don’t you really waste our time and go right a book or something.  I’m always amazed at the number of bitter people who seek this website out.  WOW!  For someone so against Six Sigma why did you come to this site to garbage dump.  Go do something constructive. 
    Oh by the way I’m not a consultant I really just believe that this is the ONLY way to do business. Examples:
    95% defect reduction on one product in 6 months
    81% Lead time reduction
    60% WIP reduction
    Capacity improvement; 12 units/day to 25 units/day with same # of people
    OTD improvement from 58% to 100% (12 wks and counting) on 1 product line 
    Do you need more examples of REAL cases in manufacturing (my projects).  Let’s see your data ah that’s right you don’t need any.  So how do you report to your shareholders that you are adding to their investment.  Don’t give me that garbage that you don’t need to.  Only the ignorant believe that. 


    Do you have the real sample of doing six sigma project on Non-Manufactory Field? Like Inventory Reduction. I am now work on one project about inventory reduction and I do not have any “creative”ideas! Can you help me?


    Hi Phil,
    Maybe you can start to compare the forecast values vs actual values and use that differences as a starting point for inventory reduction.
    Kiong, from Singapore.

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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