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    Hi,I am intrested in six sigma and want to take a six sigma GB or BB course. The first and foremost obstacle i’m running into is getting a PROJECT for the course. I am recentely graduated and not yet employed. Because of this reason I cannot seem to get into a training course. Are six sigma courses only for those already employed? If your answer is no for this, please let me know I can do to get a project for learning six sigma. Thank you.-kishore


    Ali Khan

    I have been facing the same problem since the last 1.5-2 years. I have been in the industry for some time and practicing Quality management- was (and still am) really obsessed with SIX SIGMA- managed to do a green belt course by motorola university- but the biggest hurdle in getting the opportunity to apply what I have learnt and be involved in real projects!!!
    The only chance i guess is to some how get into a SIX SIGMA company and …..
    Any advise-help would be appreciated!!



    My suggestion is for you to look into a project for an organization that you have interest for, such as a school system, a non-profit organization, etc.  All work is a process so it follows that there are improvement opportunities out there.  I was involved in a project for our local elementary school system about 10 yesrs ago, the Principal was overjoyed to have the assistance and it was a rewarding experience for the ‘team’ of people involved.



    It is not.
    If you want to carry out a black belt project you can request help in this site for want of project for any interested party  & secondly you can find out Six Sigma companies  & those companies who are in the process of implementing six sigma concept  & request them for a BB project in their company.
    I think you will definitely get some project. 



    Thansk for all of the input!  I am currently employed by a company which wants to be proactive in getting folks GB certified, however, projects are hard to come by in some areas.  Great idea getting out on your own to help local schools, etc.!!  What an excellent career opportunity!



    Some of the training providers may also have relationships with companies that may allow you to work on a project. You might want to contact some of these training provders before you give up. There may not be any monetary compensation and they probably will want some level of commitment for the duration of the project, but there are obvious long term benefits.



    I had the same problem and figured out a way to solve it.
    I went thru the BB training and needed the final live project for certification and was hitting the same walls you did.  Then I took a shot at something.
    I placed an ad in the paper, not a classified ad, but a real ad in the business section of a major city paper.  Ran it on Sunday and Monday for two weeks.  Cost me 500 bucks.
    I got over 20 calls.  Ten were eliminated pretty quick (didn’t want to pay anything)  and then negotiations started and I am currently working a 4 month contract that will provide me with 3 projects in a small manufacturing environment.  I also have three companies wanting me in 2005 and the current company I am working at may also want more work in 2005.
    The Lord takes care of His followers, especially if they are willing to work.



    I will be completing my certificate of achievement six sigma, green belt from Villinova University Online. Go to for information. If you take the BB program, I believe they will assign projects for you- so you don’t have to be employed or employed at a company where Six Sigma is underway. I’m new to SS, but I would suggest taking the Green Belt course first- this is where you get the foundation- the tools, philosophy, methods, etc.


    Atul Bhatt

    Very impressive indeed!


    Li´l Dave

    Hi WeBeGeek   ( and / or any other good will person who´d like to send his opinion ) ! !   I greet you for your imagination and initiative……
         How would I as a Geem Belt, implement a  strategy somewhat similar to yours as a Black Belt, in the sense of getting the chance of  performing (practicing) within company (ies) that would be willing to grant me such an opportunity ( where I would be aiming at eventually getting the BB rank) , especially in what concerns to the BB (or MBB) support, aid, and/or back up that I might be needing and that I would have supplied if  I were employed  in a company where SS is already applied ? 
    Also, need  to point out that because of my curricula, I feel I´m prepared in Statistics as much as, and perhaps more, than some BB´s , asset which of course I´d try to capitalize.  Would you recommend  that I write out an ad detailing all the above and send it to a newspaper such as you did?
    Feel the above would somehow read like a letter to Santa Claus, but it´s also true that “he who ain´t enter a lottery neither will have a chance to win”.  I´d appreciate if because of your experience,  you could suggest me what to point out (and how),  and what not to. 
    Thanks and regards,      Li´l Dave



    Try a volunteer project for a hospital or charity org. You could utilize this in a course. FYI though, if you choose Villanova U as an example for your GB cert , a project is not necessary.



    I agree try and volunteer at a not-for-profit, or at the very least, try and do a Six Sigma project around your house.  I remember an instructor of mine told us about the time he optimized the fuel efficiency of his push mower…we questioned his sanity, but it worked.
    However, I would watch out for programs that do not require projects to be completed along with the training activities.  This is like teaching someone how to paint or draw.  You can learn color theory and perspective theory in a classroom, but unless you do hands on activities of actually painting, you will not become a better ‘artist’.  In Six Sigma training, you can DMAIC theory, but without practicing it while learning it, you will miss out on a significant factor that will make you a sucessful Six Sigma practicioner. 

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