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    Paul Anaya

    I am an IT professional that has been selected to enter a Six Sigma Black Belt certification training program. My project is focused in the IT area.
    I’ve never heard of Six Sigma being used in IT.  Is there anyone out there that has successfully implemented Six Sigma in an IT shop or is this brand new to IT? (and perhaps not applicable?).
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Paul Anaya, Sr. IT Architect, Avery Dennison Corporation


    Jim Johnson

    From most of the conversation that I have seen on this website, the real challenge in applying Six Sigma to IT is the same challenge that we are all faced with……What is a defect?
    I have seen two repeating examples of IT:
    1.  Lines of incorrect code in software development.
    2.  Downtime (or the frequency thereof) in a network, mainframe, server, etc.
    I hope that this helps.
    Jim J.


    Rod Morgan

    Hi Paul!
    I was engaged in coaching two Green Belt projects that tackled I/T processes, both working the same opportunities, but from completely different angles.
    Project #1: How to improve response and resolution time for calls coming into the I/T Call Center.
    Project #2: How to reduce the number/frequency of calls coming into the I/T Call Center.
    If you would like more information on this, please feel free to drop me an email at [email protected].
    Best of luck!



    Six Sigma is new in IT area, but I have found that its extermely useful in this area of business or technology to bring down costs and satisfy client with improved focus on quality of products and services.
    I am member of Six Sigma implementation team of a leading IT firm in India.
    Please send me your exact queries on the mail-id mentioned herwith.



    The Blue Chip Company I work for has successfully run 98 IT Six Sigma projects over 2 years.
    Other types of project you may wish to consider may include Data Integirty within Systems, Batch Processing success rate,
    Remember that you can also apply Six Sigma to IT Processes of a non-technical nature.


    Tim Young

    I appreciate that these forums are not the place to promote products so I am going to show due restraint. However, my company does supply IT service level management tools that embrace Six Sigma.
    We have been in the service management arena for a good number of years, but two years ago found ourselves exposed to Six Sigma at a Fortune 10 Six Sigma user. We realized that Six Sigma brought a lot to what is really a “flying by the seat of your pants” activity without it! In addition, as businesses become increasingly dependent on IT, it is vital that Six Sigma users start to adopt this process in IT.
    It absolutely amazes me how many IT folks in so-called Six Sigma organizations shrug their shoulders when we ask them about their application of Six Sigma in IT! The bottom line is that if Six Sigma is all about improving the quality of CTQ processes and these processes are increasingly being enabled by IT, you cannot consider yourself a Six Sigma company without applying in IT!
    The good news is that your organization has come to the same conclusion as a growing number of other organizaitons. I would be happy to share our experiences of this with you and offer you white papers and material for further reading on this subject.



    I would be interested in reviewin the information you have and discussing this topic with you.  I am a former blackbelt that has reintegrated into our organization into the IT department and definitely agree with you that IT is now different than any other department with in an organization.  I think the key is to know what the customers are wanting and putting the measurement systems in place to track your ability to meet their requirements.  We are in the process of setting up service level agreements with our customers in order to establish specific requirements so we can start to track the defects related to not meeting their requirements.  Please email me your contact information so that I can speak with you.
    [email protected]



        There is a discussion thread on 6 sigma for software but I can’t remember if it is on this site and/or the Lean Institute site.  I’ll check and try to get you the URL info.
        In the meantime, look up PSP at  PSP is a core/key to 6 Sigma.



    I’ve been in 6 sigma for 5 years now and have never heard of PSP. I think you’re misleading readers into thinking they must use a company’s own proprietary tools to implement 6 sigma…NOT TRUE. Stop misleading, start leading.



    The PSP is not a tool and the SEI is not a vendor.  The PSP is the Personal Software Process developed by Watts Humphrey of the Software Engineering Insititue of Carnegie Mellon University.  It is a personal process to improve the quality of software developed. 
    Get your facts straight.


    John Collier

    I too and starting to assess IT processes by leveraging Six Sigma.  I am interested in learning more about your approach and any “dash boards” that represent your thinking.
    Thank you



    Tim,  I would be very interested the white papers that you mention on IT & Six Sigma.  We are in the very initial stages of deciding how and where to use Six Sigma and where we can benefit. 
    Thanks Don

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