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    Hi There, can anyone enlighten me if there is any discussion or read up regarding how Six Sigma evolve into Lean Six Sigma? When and where is the early adoption of LSS?

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    @kevinyee According to Wickipedia it was in a book called “Leaning into Six Sigma” (the self published version – green cover).

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    Thanks Mike! Hopefully I will be contributing to this forum like you in the future!

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    @kevinyee Welcome to the Discussion Forum. If you participate in this you will learn a ton from a lot of people and you can actually make a huge number friends in real life as well.


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    Mike Darrish
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    Michael George, the founder of George Group, may or may not have come up with the idea of the speed of Lean and the rigor of Six Sigma. However, he did publish early books (available through a number of book sellers) on the topic, implemented many projects, then sold his company to Accenture. That said, as an LSS practitioner, I don’t see the evolution as complete – integrating tools and reducing the time and expense inherent in DMAIC, along with the firestorm of controversy surrounding Six Sigma/LSS, frustrate and worry me.

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    Thanks Mike, I haven’t been able to read Michael George’s book. But did find a write up based on his book. By the way, I’m quite interested to know more regarding the controversy surrounding Six Sigma/LSS.

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    I don’t think lean, six sigma, total quality management, statistical process control, and so on were ever really separate. They’re all methodologies that people developed for the same goals. Understand that quality is meeting customer needs and expectations and that value is doing it as efficiently as possible and all of these belong in our tool box.

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    Check out this link that has a neat graphic about the ‘complex history’ of Lean.

    I cant say for certain, but I would suggest that GE has been practicing LSS for over 20 years starting with Lean and moving towards Six Sigma. My company started with Six Sigma and has incorporated Lean over time as well. I think you’d find elements of both Lean and Six Sigma in just about any company that claims it’s only doing one or the other!

    Side note…I tend to agree with @Straydog. I don’t believe we should take a one-size fits all approach to problem solving. In the real word, sometimes you don’t need a perfect solution, but you need something done quickly. Other times its critically important (e.g. lives are on the line) so you should spend the time to do it right and get to THE BEST solution possible.

    Either way, as LSS practitioners, we need to know when to apply which methods and tools. I’ve always said that LSS is just as much art as it is science!

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    We had a nice article a couple of weeks ago:


    There are some book suggestions in the posts…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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