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    John Srinivassan

    Can anyone please tell me what are the lean tools used in Six Sigma. Thanks.   .




    –Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement, Correct
    1. Value Stream Map – Current State
    2. Theory of Constrain Analysis (Fish Bone, Brainstorming, Solve Bottlenecks) 
    3. Value Stream Map – Future State plan
    4. 5s + Safety
    Those are some of them. I hope you find the information helpful.



    Thanks for the information.  Can you please tell me what are the 5s unsed in the Analysis process?



    Use 5S in the Improvement phase.  Along with things like poka-yoke, SMED, andons, heijunka, jidoka, and kanban to name a few.
    You may be begin “touching” on these in the analysis phase but you would be implementing them during the improvement phase.
    Remember that during DMA you are focusing in on the problem’s root cause(s).  But when you hit I, that is where you are putting changes into effect and many of these would “probably” be radical changes.  Especially if you are just begining.
    Good luck…


    Chris Whittaker

    LEAN SIX SIGMA is the combination of 2 very powerful tools designed for process improvement.Lean is about the elimination of WASTE (Muda)Lean uses tools like Value stream mapping, Time trap and constraints analysis,Generic pull systems,Replenishment pull systems,batch sizing , SMED,stocking strategies,TPM,Process balancing, Process flow improvement, Mistake proofing (poka-yoke)and Visual control tools.Six Sigma provides the project structure, stratification and the unifying framework for the implementation of these ultimately allows us to turn projects around quicker and serve our customers faster and better with less waste.


    Mike Carnell

    John Srinivassan,
    I am going to make a suggestion that will probably end up being a pretty unpopular view. There are no such thing as Six Sigma tools. Six Sigma has not invented any tools. It is a methodology that looks at a relationship between variables to get to a root cause of a problem. It uses tools that have been around for a long time just as TQM did. Unfortunately TQM laid claim to some of those tools as theirs i.e. Control charts, Ishikawa diagrams, etc. Currently most people are being taught tools. They need to understand DMAIC and the tools used to understand the logic in the methodology.
    There maybe tools that someone can argue never existed prior to Lean but it is really irrelevant. There are things done in Lean (start with TPS) that you need to understand as well. If you really want to be cool you learn the Japanese names so nobody except other Lean/Six Sigma types will catch even though most of the people you need to accomplish Control/institutionalization won’t get but why would we be concerned over poor communication. (that was just for Stevo)
    You need to understand the logic of what you need to accomplish and what tools deliver what information. There are no Statistical Police, Lean Police, Six Sigma Police, etc that will lock you up if you use something in a particular portion of problem resolution that “does not belong in that step.”
    You would be much better served if you understood DMAIC and Lean – the thought process. Understand what different tools do and the information they deliver and don’t constrain your thought process by understanding tools only by what discipline has claimed them or what step someone has told you they should be done in. Most of the people executing either Lean or Six Sigma in that manner are operating at a pretty superficial level.
    Just as a test.Everybody likes to hammer out dogma about voice of the customer. For your project it is the Process Owner. Go through a Six Sigma project and use some tools that were not in the methodology you were taught. Get some results. Present the results to the Process Owner and tell them you used tools not necessarily in the methodology. They won’t care.
    You are building a box for yourself. You will have more fun doing this if you don’t let that happen.
    Just my opinion.


    Six Sigma Shooter

    You heretic!  Suggesting that Lean and Six Sigma are about more than just the tools.  As usual, you are spot on! 
    As a famous departed old guy would say, “What is the aim?”  It is to use the tools in some prescribed way, following some pre-scripted approach, or is it to achieve continual improvements in ways that make sense for our business? Those of us that have been around awhile have seen projects and people trashed because they didn’t use the “right” tools or follow “the steps” in the “right way”, though the gains were achieved and the problem(s) solved.  Couple that mindset with the “we’re following what GE, Motorola, Allied Signal, etc., etc. did” mindless turn-key template approaches to implementation, and you have the conditions for less than optimal results – at best.  Continually learn, adapt, apply, improve – it’s the only way that we achieve significant and sustainable gains.
    Hope all is well on your end.

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