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    Sometimes, we make things hard on ourselves. We render very easy to understand concepts rather complex. Read the second and third sentences from the article of the week at the home page, “Importance of Tolerance Design for Six Sigma Projects”. This is how the author defined DPMO: “This measurement is the average number of defects per unit observed during an average production run divided by the number of opportunities for making a defect on the product. Then the number is normalized to one million.”
    Am I missing something?
    I have another one by Pr. Syd Sytsma: “The capability of a process is defined as the inherent variability of a process in the absence of any undesirable special causes; the smallest variability of which the process is capable with variability due solely to common causes”
    I know that I am not stupid but please help me. Couldn’t he have been a little less sophisticated? What kind of lingo is that?

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