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    I have  some queries in terms of measuring Six Sigma( more specific in terms of deriving opportunities for a scenario ).  Please consider the following case. This is more specific to software industry.  The organization has the following process stages( 6 Stages) involved in developing a software function: 1. Requirements Specification – This phase again involves a few more steps like Requirements Collection, Feasibility Study, Review of Requirements, Draw Requirements Specifications 2. Drawing detailed Functional Specifications based on Requirements Specifications. 2. Software Design – This phase involves arriving at the implementable solution and involves Software Program Specification as process output. 3. Coding 4. Testing – Bug Fix – Retesting : This phase involves developing “x” number of test cases for a function under development( of course based on the Requirements Specification and Functional specifications) and testing the same. During this process, there are “y” number of test cases which fail. The same is retested and certified. 5. Deployment  With this back ground, I would like to introduce you to a Project scenario which consist of a function named Login Screen.
     Asuume that this screen involves the following :a) Ten Software Requirements b) These ten requirements are translated into 50 Functional Specifications. c) These 50 functional specifications are translated into 100 test cases. d) Testing team identifies 3 bugs in the first cycle of testing.
    Now, based on this scenario, I need to measure At what Sigma level is my project at ?? (Of course this involves evolving opportunities and DPMO and Sigma )  Can you help in answering the above question… I hope I am clear in my question. Please feel free to ask more details if you want. Please provide your most valuable input and thanks in advance for your precious time.  Regards, Prashanth  V



    How does Six Sigma relates to CMMI ?


    Reginald Sam Sin

    Six Sigma can be used when CMMI is being implemented. On CMM level 2 you start to desvribe on what aspects you want to measure. On level 4 you really implement the measurement (in certain process area’s.
    I cannot answer the question on what Six Sigma level you are? Is that important to know? The question is what can you do with the information 10 requirements, 50 functional aspects, 100 testcases and 3 bugs. Many other aspects can be intresting in this case. I would like to know more about the case and the goals you have.
    Regards Reginald


    K. Uma

    Once CMM or CMMI is implemented, can we find out what is our sigma level for CMM compliance ?
    How ?



    Reginald, thanks to put some clear notes in the discussion…
    Just to reinforce what Reginals says… please, don’t use metrics as goals by themselves !
    On the other hand,  I’m personally fine with CMM(i)…BUT I’ve never seen no data regarding prediction/deviation improvement throught levels to which compare my improvement programm !!  “In god we trust…All other thing must bring data”…. does not apply to CMM ? must we fall then into 100% measurement of everything without no reason ?  I think that as everything in this life…please make sense….good judgement and as we say in Catalonia “Salut i forsa al…”



    Please. take a look on my other post in this discussion to Reginald…..section “ON THE OTHER HAND”.
    I was talking about the implementation process…but also agree with you in terms of such “this compliance”.. perhaps some LEAD ASSESOR can clarify us this topic ? but feel that we don’t have such these measures for benchmarking in our sector…. 



    Hi Prashant
    It is probably to discuss this in an offline chat. You could give me your hotmail or private mail id (or your local India number if you are ok with this and I would then give you mine) and we could then get started.I could then give you some views


    Sweta / Mintu

    Im glad to know that you are experimenting the Six sigma implementation methods on your SDLC processes.Please try the following lines in your experimentation.I would look forward to your feedback on this.
    Six Sigma requires the identification of bugs with respect to the items you want to categorise as the output of process.In your case Requirements, Functional Specifications and Test cases may be treated as three different processes of the SDLC.Identify the number of CTQs in each process and identify the defects in each process output.GO thru the CMM level 2 and 3 guidelines and documentation to identify the CTQs and also to define the out put for your process.
    Based on these parameters you can arrive at a DPMO value and check the Six sigma.
    Otherwise to assigning a sigma level to your data is dificult.Your aim in assessing for the Six sigma level is not clear. More information with regard to your project specs is needed to assess it. 


    Praveen Kumar K

    How is Six Sigma related to CMMI
    They are both targetted to bring improvements in the organisational processes.In Six Sigma one is assessing the processes with regard to the output. It is a practice of going thru the DMAIC and quantifying the maturity after redifinition of each process based on effectiveness.On a corporate level to cross each sigma level it takes one year to attain the maturity level in terms of Six Sigma.However Six sigma for a software organisation is yet to be seen and probably takes lesser time to implement.
    CMMI model is a standard providing guidelines for establishing Generic and specific processes and practices for the organisation.It more or less specifies the process framework for a software industry and also covers the Non-software aspects like customer satisfaction and procurement. This is more specific to a software industry.
    It should a blended approach for effectiveness when our focus is process effeciency.Pick the model from CMMI and assess for Six Sigma level.

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