Six Sigma Newbie Has 99 Problems But Can't Own One

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    Johnny Del


    So this is Six Sigma, where anyone gets to play as Sherlock Holmes, looking for clues, delving into logical reasoning, and demystifying the unknown. Well, at least in the comforts of our own little cubes and conference rooms.

    Attended and finished my Green Belt lecture last March and looking forward to being certified hopefully this year.



    Don Thatcher

    I can certainly understand were you are coming from. My company paid for my training and yet here I sit like an old dusty book on a shelf. 3 years ago my manager came to me and said hey how would you like to become a LSS GB? I said sure not having a clue what that was. I scraped and clawed my first year as a GB for any kind of project. I mean i was almost to the point of just giving up. Then it came to me one day. If the management wasn’t aware of their need for change I would find a way to show it to them. So I pitched an simply concept” employee idea generation program” i let my fellow employees put into their own words what and how the process were broken. it started slow and you get more “complaints” than anything but every so often you find a project or two in there. So I guess my advice to you is be creative. try and remember that people fear what they dont understand and trust me few people understand what LSS is. Add to that that people also fear change and you have a never ending up hill battle on your hands. Just FYI the Idea Generation program has produced 7 projects for a total savings of 4 millon in just three years. Don’t give up just find your nich and exploit it. Best of luck to you sir!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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