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    Recently, I was assigned to participate in a Six Sigma training course from my company. I have search over the internet for a while and found this website to be very informative. However, since I have no experience and knowledge of how Six Sigma is, could anybody advise if there is some good website that I can check which could introduce how six sigma work? The place I work can’t access to library so I have give up the idea of borrowing books. Thks for help in advance.
    Futher, I am working in an engineering deisgn house for consumer product  with a small production line for pilot run or small qty. urgent order purpose. I understand management would like to use the six sigma tools on both the product design and also improvement of the pilot line. Any suggestion for improvement? I understand this question is too open but any input will be highly appreciated.




    I suppose you could persuade your management to buy a couple of useful books. To avoid breaching etiquette, I do not want to mention which ones I found most useful. But I could email you the info if you can give your address.
    To all the regulars:
    Can we have a system on this website where we give a rank/rating  to books  that we found most useful in understanding difficult concepts? This would definitely help the newbies.



    I think that a listing of usefull books would be great.  I don’t think that this is pushing product or a breach of etiquette.  It is someone looking for some help…
    I saw a recent post that listed references so I will go ahead.  A great book that talks about that analytic side of process improvement is “Improving quality through planned experimentation” by Moen, Provost and one other author.  Sorry if the reference is not exact.  This book is very practical and fairly easy to read.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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