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    julia torre

    Hi There,
    I have recently taken on a new role since I received my GB certification – I have been tasked to create a Continuous Improvement program – incorporating Lean, Six Sigma etc…  Our organization has over 300 people and we do not have a Quality group.  We have a small PMO group but this is my baby to develop and grow.   I am looking for advise on “How to implement a successful Continuous Improvement program”.   I am sure there are lots of books out there but is there a gold standard book you can refer me to?  Here are some notes that i have taken:

    No current CI program exists.  The development was discussed in a town hall meeting  6 months ago.  A handful of people have been GB trained – no projects kicked off yet.   There is no certification path identified either.    The reason it did not kick off well was year end priorities etc…
    Buy in is 100% from senior staff.  A brainstorming session is scheduled to discuss gathering of potential projects
    With a new program, buy in from the line level staff is key – they were all excited at one point need to re-energize.  Thinking about a hands on CI class like the Capitial Courier simulation
    e training exists for Yellow Belt and White Belt.  Need to get ALL 350+ staff certified on e training. 
    Take the first of GBs to certification by project completion.  Identify pipeline of projects and then identify next wave of GBs to eventually build program
    Obtain quick wins by working short impactful projects
     GBs can only work 10-20% on projects – ISSUE
    Along with Six Sigma, the Continuous Improvement program should cover other areas – IE:

    level 1 – e training for all 300+ staff
    level 2 – Capital Courier Simulation – all employees interact in fun activity
    level 3 – work outs across the groups – top talent to participate to identify problem areas – potential projects.  Build pipeline of projects
    level 4 – existing GBs complete project and certification – team members include high potential and will be next wave of GBs
    Eventually with success build a Quality group where members are full time supporting operations
    Along with Six Sigma, Build in a Suggestion Program that leads to projects and build in a management-employee session to build teamwork.  Manager to sit deskside to watch the process and suggest improvements.  Conduct monthly workouts. 
    Need the following from implementation experts:

    Am I on the right track?  Anywhere I can see a successful implementation plan?
    What other CI programs am I missing?
    Need Benchmarking data – where can I get examples of how long it takes to run a MATURE Six Sigma/CI program?   I need to draw out the short term and long term gameplan
    What should the certification process entail? 
    What documents for project workbook? 
    I need to present a FULL BLOWN PROPOSAL ASAP and have no clue where to start – HELP


    Michael Mead

    Good morning,
    I have thought a lot about this subject and here is my proposal:
    How do you go about building a house? Start at the top? Attache a buch of separate rooms?  It can be done but a for foundation-to-roof approach has proven effective and is probably more efficient. So, don’t start by training everyone in 6-Sigma. Start at the beginning. I recommend this order for implementing quality improvement techinques, leading to a full-blown Six-Sigma implementation.
    1) Start with %S, clean and organize. Everyone can understand it and see it.
    2) Begin Layered Process Audits to find performance gaps, opportunities for improvement, and keep the management involved (I wondered about your statement there. See if they are actually willing to do a little work or only willing to delegate.)
    3) Lean the operation. Strip off the waste and get to where you can see what is happening.
    4) Institute a cost of quality program. You need financial results to keep this going. There must be an organized ways to capture costs (good and bad) and track performance.
    5) Statistical Process Control…not charts for customers, but real control. Once again, this identifies opportunities for improvement but at a deeper level than before. Most people know what the simple problems are, Those should have been fixed back at step 2.
    6) Having controlled the current processes, implement a true system for advance quality production planning.
    7) Last step is Six Sigma. All the others are part of six-sigma,



    Do you have a email address where we can discuss?


    Michael Mead

    yes, of course. [email protected]
    Since I have said it, and I have taken on a project to improve the content of this site, anybody?



    Julia, will you post your email address? If so I will give you my input relative to your issues outside this forum.
    The reason is, answering your questions in the forum invites an avalanche of criticism that ends up being nothing but muda. There are so many participants here whose sole purpose for participating seems to be to berate others. I prefer to limit their opportunities to do so.



    Hi Julia,
      You may need to aware the possible human resource lost after the certification. Although “Six Sigma” certification is going to be a commodity but it will still indirectly affect individual to change their job upon the completion of certification.
       My previous program lost about 20% of green/black belt after they completed our internal certification. I have heard the worse case in other companies was losing about 40%. Internal certifications from reputable companies are quite welcomed by the head hunter because current external certification holder’s quality is going down.
      Perhaps you may also consider the program with some plan in HR aspect.



    Your email??



    My email address is [email protected]
    I would love to discuss further

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