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    hi, my name is mike.
    i have just completed a training on six sigma black belt and somehow geeting to be embraced on it was tough as i have expected.
    i am working on a project right now regarding yield improvement and perceiveing a lead to the elimination of a process due to stability and capability.
    i was hoping that you might share some ideas or formats that could help to make my project effective.


    has grueber

    yes hans you must just use the acronymns of six to the quarteto of six to acheive these threads



    Hi Mike ..
    Before you eliminate that process, you need to be really sure that that process is NVA to the product and the impact to the customers. Dig out some info fr the past coz for example, inspection is a NVA but certain fussy customers have ever specifically mentioned to have that in place in the process pipeline.
    If it is giving value, then the solution is to fix the instability and incapability of the process not to eliminate the process.
    and if you’re looking for a format to make it effective, go back and read your training material hand-outs during BB training. I’m sure they taught you the DMAIC steps. Just use the DMAIC steps properly coz that’s all you need.
    Good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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