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    I m facing an initial inhibition while starting a Six Sigma Project. The plan does have a scope for improvement, but does not carry reqd data to run an anaylisis. Its actually a plan on improving the Score Card for a Validation Testing for a Business controls & Risk compliance process.
    with the limited data back up  can I take up a DMAIC or should go for DFSS? Not sure …I would look forward to suggestions regarding this..Thanks, priya



    This is a common problem in I/T, but rarely is it as serious as perceived.  If you want to improve your score card for validation testing, clearly you have an existing process that you want to improve.  Until you have determined that the current process is so badly broken it has to be thrown out, then you have a DMAIC.
    In Define you will put a stake in the ground for the score you are looking for.  In Measure, you will look at where you are now, and whether that score is reasonable to achieve.  Now, if you need, say, a three sigma improvement, then there are good odds that you need to totally trash your current process and start with a clean sheet of paper.  That is when you pull out the DFSS club.  But until then, assume you don’t have to throw the baby out with the bath water.
    You will need to collect data, perhaps a lot. You may find that you need to do a project to put the data collection in place before you can actually start your project.  But don’t overlook data you already have.  Odds are you have some history on your score card data.  Chances are, there is a lot of data available from which you can deduce those things you would like to know.  And don’t forget your accounting system.  That is often a gold mine for the Black Belt.  If you can get a good cost accountant, the guy who know where all the bodies are buried, then by all means, grab him.  These are the guys who know what you can learn from that accounting system.  Be tenacious in going after the data.


    Larry Vincent

    Have you tried identifying the benefits / outcomes of either methodology? By identifying these you may be in a better position to make a decision and have it supported as you implement either methodology.


    Gaurav srivastava

    Hi Priya,
    What i acn suggest u that u may go for DMAIC ,just little more on Define phase,then u r able how to and how much data u required for A phase.
    Gaurav Srivastava



    Priya: The idea is if you are looking at improvement of an existing process etc, you go for DMAIC.
    On the other hand if you are looking for a new process (product) you go for DFSS.
    Six Sigma requires you to collect data, probably even design the right template and tools for the appropriate data collection. Management by data – facts and figures!
    If you have any difficulties with the tools, I can help you off line.

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