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Six Sigma Project Selection

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    Hi I am new to Six Sigma though I know little basics in Six Sigma.I am Planning to do Six Sigma Green belt certification. My organization (IT) where i work in, is wiling to provide me with a project for the same.

    I am in SEPG department and would like to know what type of Project I can take up for implementing Six Sigma which is related to SEPG.

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    I am not sure why people make project selection complicated. You can find lots of articles that make it sound like a SS project is something special. Something you have never done before so you need all kinds of help identifying it. That is pure unadultereted crap. A project is simply work that needs to be done. Prefereably in the case of a SS project it would be something you do not know the answer to but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that either. If someone thinks they know the answer treat it like a hypothesis.

    If the case of a training project you are better off picking a project that has adaquate technology and has an issue with Control or Optimization. Those projects will allow you to use the tools and still complete the project within a training window. If you choose a project that has poor technology then you are in a crap shoot as to wheter or not you will get it done – technology shifts are difficult to schedule.

    Beyond general advice nobody can really help you with this. You can have lots of talk around all kinds of issues but at the end of the day you know what your priorities are, what your issues are, etc. Nobody here does. We can’t identify any projects for you with any real intelligence behind the selection.

    Pick something and just go to work on it. In the words of Harry Truman “I’ll make a decision and if it’s wrong I’ll make another one.”

    Just my opinion

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    According to me, any project work need to be initiated for the following objective

    a) To improve the good work like productivity, quality, Customer satisfaction etc.,
    b) To reduce the negative work like rework, defect, COPQ etc.,
    c) To Widen the scope of work like benchmarking, market share widening etc.,

    Hence pls try to work on the above irrespective of any area of work.

    Incase of any assitance to kindly contact your organisation’s belts or any external source like this portal.

    Best regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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