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    Paul Gibbons

    I am conducting a project into the feasibility of using a lean six sigma approach to running a car dealership within the uk. I am interested in the operational running of the dealership and would like to introduce lean principles specifically introducing the concepts of Lean & Six-Sigma.
    Has anyone had any experience of this type of project? Any ideas, contacts would be greatly appreciated.
    Paul Gibbons



    I suggest you contact the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) here in the U.S. or if you are looking for a consultant you may want to try some of the advertisers on the Web.
    Good Luck,


    Rene Aernoudts

    Hi Paul,
    you should definitely call/meet with Dave Brunt, working for the Lean Enterprise Academy He has a lot of experience implementing Lean in Car dealerships,
    Best regards, Rene Aernoudts, Lean Management Instituut The Netherlands


    Paul Gibbons

    Dear Rene,
    Thank you for your response, yesterday I had a very productive meeting with one of David Brunt’s colleagues at the Lean Enterprise Centre in Cardiff University. Together they are publishing a new book entitled ‘The Lean Dealership’ which is due out in October. I have also found out that Professors Jones and Womack have a new book coming out entitled ‘Lean Consumption’ which also includes information about lean dealerships with a case study of a dealer network based in Portugal.


    Kamel Tayebi

    I am interested in what you were interested in back in 2005. Can you share your experience since then. I went through the books you mentioned but I am looking for more practical car dealer experience or related topics of field applications.


    I was involved with just such an initiative for one of the major Japanes manufacturers.  Using results form Sales Satisfaction Surveys within dealerships, areas of deficiencies were identified (e.g., inconvenient). Cross-functional members from within a dealership were assembled, DMAIC was utilized and results were often dramatic resulting in such things as better flow through dealerships and substantially higher CSIs.
    It works.



    hi paul,
    iam doing my greenbelt certification.iam still learner.if u need my help you are more than welcome.i can do voluntary Work for u.iam based in london.
    many thanks

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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