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    Amber Usman

    We are trying to roll out six sigma concept to Information Technology (IT) & Information Systems (IS) department and having problems in identifying projects for IS. Anybody wanna share their experience?



    Has Six Sigma been deployed in other parts of the organization? If so, there may be some best practices surrounding project selection they can share. The key to project selection is to align with critical business issues, have the proper scope and the correct resources. There are tools that help develop the project charter and project metrics. These can really help you prioritze projects within a project cluster. Good luck.


    P. Sampath Kumar

    We are planning to start sigma journey in our IT Infrastructure Services division.  Please help in identifying projects in this area.



    You may look at the foll. ,
    1. Start from your vision/mission statement.
    2. Identify the Key business drivers (KBDs)- which could be Faster response/resolution,cost optimization/reduction
    3. Identify Critical Business Processes – which is in line with the identified KBDs ( helpdesk processes , Incident management processes etc)
    4. Some projects that I have heard of from other orgs are Repeat Call reduction , reduce response and resolution time , Backup uptime , bandwidth utilizations , Asset utilization,induction lead time reduction , projects relating to your SLAs ,
    Correct me if I am wrong …
    Somebody who has implementing Six Sigma projects in IT service Management division can let us know what projects could be identified in this area.



    I would point you towards areas that cause the most frustration such as improving the testing process, improve quality of requirements, or improve the estimation process.  Usually look for where the major headaches are.  We did a DOE on response time of our time reporting tool.  IT is a ripe area for this and usually there is ample data that can be collected automatically.  Tools like FMEA, Mistake Proofing, Mapping and CTQs have proven reliable for me.


    Ashutosh PAndey

    Following may help you:
    IT => 1. Development Projects : you can go for the DFSS Model here . Whatever application you are developing can be converted into DMADV(define,measure,analyse,design,verify).Just start with customer requirements(CTQs) and convert them into Product requirements using QFD.This becomes the blueprint for further design & implementation .
    2. Maintenance Projects : Some usual suspects :

    a). Cycle time in bug-fix
    b). Process to be robust / process improvement
    c). Reducing effort
    d) Reducing no. of defects
    3. Production Support : Cycle time reduction
    4. QA/Testing – Improving / standardizing  QA process , test scripts etc.
    IS Projects
    1. Designing robust systems / processes to capture run time data on dashboards ( DFSS)
    2. Improving processes like Estimation , Pre sales(win-ratio),quality delivery(as per SLA) => DMAIC

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