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    Will you please let me know the answers of the following :
    Six Sigma emphasizes on the role of
    mmm) Line Managers
    nnn) Agents
    ooo) Teams
    ppp) Individuals

    . The transformation done on the data if the data shows cyclic pattern is
    iii) Sine Inverse
    jjj) Square root
    kkk) Square
    lll) Logarithm
    Transformation of data is required when data shows
    eee) Presence of outlier
    fff) Bimodal Histogram
    ggg) Non- normal Distribution
    hhh) Exponential Distribution

    15. Pure error in regression is estimated from value of Y for
    aaa) Same setting of the X1, X2, ….,Xk variables
    bbb) Combination setting of the X1, X2, ……,Xk variables
    ccc) Setting of X1, X2, …..,Xk variables keeping setting of X1 fixed
    ddd) Setting of X1, X2, ….., Xk variables keeping one variable fixed at random.

    14. If the anovfor regression shows that the lack of it is significant then the model is a
    ww) Adequate
    xx) Iinadequate
    yy) More complex model is adequate
    zz) A simpler model is adequate
    8. If the customer does not give the specification then the limits are calculated by using the formula
    a) µ + 3 ?, µ – 3 ?
    b) µ + 3 ? + ? / ?n, µ – 3 ? – ? / ?n
    c) µ + 6 ?, µ – 6 ?
    d) µ + 6 ?, µ – 4 ?
    7. The Kano model ensures that the customer is satisfied regarding his
    y) Basic need
    z) Expectation
    aa) Stated needs
    bb) Implied needs
    5. The spread of any process is
    q) Six Sigma
    r) Four Sigma
    s) Tewlve Sigma
    t) Two Sigma
    2. Master Black Belts are persons who are called
    e) Change Agents
    f) Resource Persons
    g) Knowledge Bank
    h) Project Owners

    1. The person who is responsible for cultural change in the organization
    a) Green Belt
    b) Black Belt
    c) Master Black Belt
    d) Champion


    Katie Barry

    @Faneshwar – These look like homework questions and it would be odd if any of the forum participants wanted to give you the answers.

    If you search this website, you should be able to find the answers to these questions.

    If you spend time searching the site and are unable to find the answer, consider going through and saying what you think the right answers are and why. Show you’ve thought about the questions and you may get some people willing to discuss why or why not with you.

    Good luck.



    @katiebarry – much more kind than I would have been.

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