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    I’m working in a design of a Plan for a Six Sigma implementation. I did a good research so I have a good knowledge (in theory) of the meaning and importance of this methodology, what I don’t have is information coming from experts with six sigma experience on the implementation field, and I will really appreciate if  you could help me based on your experience to answer theses questions
    It will be a great help!!!
     To identify the key aspects of the Six Sigma methodology in a implementation process.
    1.- What was your participation in the process of the Six Sigma implementation?
    2.- Wherefrom the idea for the implementation of Six Sigma arises and which were the fundamental reasons to apply the mentioned methodology to the company?
    3.- How was the support of the direction achieved for the implementation of this methodology?
    4.- What segments or areas of the organization were involved in the initial effort for the implementation of Six Sigma (first wave of projects)?
    5.- What position does the person in charge of the implementation occupy?
    6.- Do you consider that a previous study of the Culture is important for the success of  the  launching phase of Six Sigma and Why?
    7.- What actions were taken to diminish the resistance to the change before the deployment of a new initiative like Six Sigma? 
    8.- Which was the initial investment necessary for the six sigma deployment? 
    9.- What company was selected to carry out the training and consultancy of the leaders and participants of the Six Sigma projects and Why?
    10.- What important results have been obtained after the implementation of Six Sigma?
    11.- In general what aspects do you consider that are key to reach successfully the initial launching and implementation of Six Sigma?
    Thanks a lot for your time!
    P.D: If you have any other information that could help, please contact me [email protected]
    Regards, Daniela



    You are kidding, right?



    Daniela:Planning a Six Sigma implementation is a major operation and not to be done without a lot of experience and a thorough evaluation of the company’s culture. This is what Six Sigma consulting companies do for a living.It is unlikely that you will get much help if you can only offer your appreciation.If your company is serious about doing a good job, then contact some of the companies listed on this site for help., BTDT



    This a good compilation of questions that could be very useful when you try to hire your six sigma deployment leader. Try to talk to some of the recruiting firms that have a decent understanding of six sigma and they can help you hire the leader. It is unlikely you will get any reasonably satisfactory answers since your questions aren’t exactly structured suitably for online responses (Possibly because of the exploratory nature of the questions).
    Good luck.

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