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    I am lookinf for ideas on how to recognized the MBB, BB, GB at the company, for example Six Sigma boards where it appear the photo of the MBB’s, BB’s, GB’s? or maybe colored badge’s?
    The idea is for the co-workers to recognized how is within Six Sigma and for those Six Sigma’s a matter of pride.
    Any ideas??


    Six Sigma guy

    What about additional incentive? – Hard
    What about share in the savings made?- Employees who are six sigma experts dont get any share in savings only consultants get – Hard
    What about getting Black t-shirts and Green t-shirts with bold Six Sigma embedded in it? – Soft
    Preference to promotions? – Hard
    Involvement in strategic decision making? – Soft
    Posting their pictures in company website? – Soft
    Seperate cabins? – Soft but hard
    ESOPS? – Hard
    Laptops? I heard most BBs/MBBs dont get a normal working PC!!?- Hard
    Flexible work timing?- Soft
    Let me know if you are in need of more…



    Hey guys,
    What aobut providing them T-shirts of same color and cap!! this would make them to pride and others to recognize



    We distribute lanyards (those cords that you wear around your neck to hold your ID badge) to certified staff in either Black, Green, or Yellow. They are cheap, can (should) be worn daily, and highly visible.  There should be other items to recognise the staff, but these are a good start.


    Corey Pachniak

    I am partial to a wall of fame.  We have utilized this format for two reasons:
    A)  New and “experienced” employees know where and who their resources are.
    B.)  It recognizes the Six Sigma team for their accomplishments.  We have even gone as far as posting stats about each belt i.e. (# of projects, cost savings, average DPMO, and projects mentored).  It is kind of like a Six Sigma baseball card.



    One firm I did business with, a Tier 1 automotive parts assembler, put easels throughout the assembly area with summaries of the projects displayed, including results and pictures of the team members.
    Gave the team recognition and let workers see the improvements made. It was both recognition for the team and a constant awareness that an improvement program was in process.
    Probably had a beneficial impact on customers who toured as well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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