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    Our organization has 2 kinds of Black Belts; those that are “career Black Belts” and those that are deployed in a 3 year position.  I am interested in the processes that organizations have used to place the noncareer Black Belts back into the work force.  I am also interested in the time period that companies use to start training the next set of Black Belts.  Thanks



    Your question is very pertinent! I have been employed at some of the best six sigma comapnies and have been less than encouraged by the actions versus their words.
    Early at Allied Signal BB’s and MBB’s were highly prozed.. That has dropped considerably as the numbers grew. I hear statements that say send us your brightest and best and we will re-cycle them back into senior level positions. It just hasn’t happened.
    At GE they even special tracked people already in the fast track into six sigma “Lite” training just to check the box.
    So as  message from one..this needs to be better defined in six sigma organizations.


    Mike Carnell

    There are plenty of good programs around. Unfortunately as with anything else they seem to be personality dependent. Whoever is running the BB program needs to be assute enough to see the person coming to the end of their tour and someone in HR needs to looking for something. It doesn’t hurt if the BB puts a little effort in as well. One current client has had 8 people complete their tour and all 8 are in management positions.
    I have never seen a program with career BB’s but have always believed there should be such a thing. I hope it works well.
    Good luck.



    We seem to have some difficulty in my organization to repatriate full time black belts who are suppose to be in their position for approximately 2 years.  They generally can’t go back to their original position as they have already been back-filled/replaced.  There don’t seem to be many opportunities for black belts to come back into.  As a result other individuals are not willing to become black belts for fear they won’t have a job when they complete their temporary assignment as black belt consisting of 2 years.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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