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    Hi All,
    We are re-evaluating the function of our Six Sigma Steering Committee. I am interested in hearing what other organizations are using their Steering Committees for.
    Do they review project status and in what detail? Do they approve project selection? Write policies? etc


    Roger Noble

    I formed a Steering Committee who’s sole purpose is to review all project proposals for 1) strategic alignment 2) financial impact 3) service impact (in healthcare we base it on quality of care). Once a project is approved, it is then prioritized for assignment to a Blackbelt.
    The Steering Committee does not review progress, just approval of project proposals and prioritization of resources. BlackBelts and the Deployment Leader confer on project progress.



    We had a steering committee at the beginning of our deployment.  Its functions were to:  coordinate and assign the development of training materials; coordinate BB selection; develop standards for BB and GB certification; develop a project tracking and certification mechanism.  The old steering committee has pretty much dissolved now.  MBBs meet once a month to review various things but the regular management of the program is done regionally now.



    My Steering Committee has the following monthly agenda:

    Assessment of Performance–overview of where all projects are at (# of projects, timing, cost)
    Return on Investment Evaluation–what is the current average percent improvement of projects and current “Days to Close”
    Stakeholder Assessment and Engagement–review percentage of charter documents with completed sign offs
    Current Strengths and Weaknesses
    Project Alignment–review the real-time project next up list and do a short leading indicator review
    Resource Utilization–review average projects/black belt
    Action Plans to stay on track
    I hope this outline helps you.  Seems to support our plant pretty well.



    Hi, There is no fixed agenda for Steering Committee, based on your requirement you need to finalize the agenda. I normally discuss the following points:

    Project closure status, Certification status, Financial savings status.
    Performance (sigma level) of critical processes.
    One slide update for each running project.
    Projects in pipeline awaiting approval.
    Closed projects in the last one month.
    Any policy changes, approach changes that need to proposed to SCOM for approval.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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