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    Hi, I plan to write my thesis on Six Sigma implementation in the I.T industry, however I would like to know about any book or articles which I could use..Otherwise if anyone can think of an interesting topic/title?
    Thanks guys!



    Saverio, Good morning!Best wishes for success with your thesis.There are quite a few resources right here on the iSixSigma site — try the items on the red bar in left-hand column on this page — these links should point you towards quite a few articles on the topic of your thesis.Additionally, try the iSixSigma search engine, in the upper right hand corner of this page (just below the banner ads) Also, since you are at a college or university, you may want to talk with the people who run the computer systems for the college or university — they may have some experience with Six Sigma in an IT setting there at the university, and/or may know people in your area who do.
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    In addition, the Six Sigma Advantage web site contains a fairly lengthy list of papers on application of Six Sigma to I/T, including a number of case studies.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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