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    Peter Romeo

    1) Does anyone have experience applying Six Sigma tools and methodologies to a Software Development Process, and if so would you be willing to share specific examples (see below)?
    1a) Does anyone have experience applying the following Six Sigma tools, in a linked fashion to a single Software Development Project. The flow or linkage being (1) Process Map flowing/linkined to (2) Cause & Effects Matrix to (3) FMEA (Failure Modes & Effects Analysis) to (4) Control Plan?
    Thanks for any response.


    Tammy Young

    I’m a BB in the IT field and work with GBs everyday who develop and support software applications and hardware.  The use of Six Sigma in the IT application NPI process is very applicable.  I have used an FMEA in the define, measure, analyze, improve, and control phases of projects.  I require that and FMEA be evaluated for every DFSS project.   The Cause/Effect Matrix (Fishbone) is very useful when coupled with the FMEA – at any phase of the project.  The Fishbone can also stand alone – it very nicely identifies where the functional, technical, and infrastructure responsibilities merge and diverge.
    Regarding process maps, I typically suggest using these in the measure phase.  I ask the GB to map the current process, including the user’s manual process, and clearly identify what piece(s) IT owns.  Then I ask them to drill into the technical process to look for possible opportunites.  Of course a process map is a key to a robust FMEA – I think it’s impossible to have a complete FMEA without a process map.
    Finally, the control plan.  I require the control plan to continually measure the vital x’s and to have actions and people identified for when the x’s exceed the control limits.


    Dheeraj Mehrotra

    The Quality of Software is the must for all the associates and computer users, if the defect lies therein, the user is bound to contact the vendor for a substitute. Even at the influence of debugging, the six-sigma approach of least bug and proper documentation is a must. I assume, software quality standards should meet in order to capsule the ISO standards with emphasise on Six sigma approaches.
    The quality of the list of instructions to be executed at eh part of the user is the executable .
    as the quality matters.


    Ken Domonkos

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    C. Elias

    Tammy- Would you be at liberty to share an actual example showing these aspects (altered, if necessary, to preserve any company confidential elements)  ?
    Thank you,
    [email protected]

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