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    Currently unemployed and seeking to identify the best training programs to first become black belt then master black belt certified.  Which programs best serves the goal of becoming a consultant as described above?


    Adam L Bowden

    You are Joking aren’t you.There are indeed consultants (so called) out there fresh out of Six
    Sigma training – caveat emptor potential clients.Here is my 2c worth …
    Six Sigma BB/MBB training is just the start – you need soft skills,
    Leadership skills, industry knowledge from multiple industries,
    countries and multiple departments. An out of the “box” approach
    is apply it as the book says – in reality success in Six Sigma is far
    from out of the “box” – it is a crafted approach based upon
    knowledge (hard and soft), the real business issue/opportunity at
    hand and a solid understanding of the clients culture and how to
    transform it. Mike C, Stan, Darth and a host of others on this site
    are seasoned with 10 + years of doing this successfully – The first
    step in going down the SS consultant route is being very humble –
    and I’d suggest looking to work for a company like Honeywell for
    example that has a first class SS program to get onto the first rung
    of the ladder.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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