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Six Sigma training in Chennai.

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    Dear Sir / Madam,
    I am interested in getting Six Sigma trained. Is it mandatory for trainees to be company nominated? At the moment, I am not employed, as we have just relocated from the US to Chennai. I have 5+ years of QA experience. Could anybody please guide me in this regard?
    Thanks & Rgds,


    Hi Meenakshi,
    To gain knowledge, there is nothing wong in doing a course.But, This is not as highly regarded in comparison to company-sponsored project.This is because of an obvious reason that most companies are not interested just in certificates but some real time project exposure.But, if you are planning to join as a GB, then a course might help you as for a GB, the exposure to statistical tools is of primary focus.
    There are a couple of institues in chennai that conducts Six sigma course.Green belt workshops conducted by Motorola is scheduled to start this August.The fee is appx Rs 30K. for GB.It’s over a lac for BB.
    There is another inst in chennai called ISI-Indian statistical inst.They offer a BB course for Rs 30K.
    When all these options are available, it is most advisable to get into a company with your quality profile and negotiate for a role in SS(Propably GB).This would be tailor made for company’s requirements and you can’t become a BB until you have hands-on GB projects which is essential to experiment what you learn.
    Best wishes!


    ACMA—Automotive component Manufacturers Association of India also sheduled a black belt training starting from 29th july spread upto Dec2004.Cost is Rs 34000 Contact mail ID is


    Hi All,
    I am a Master Black belt trained from Six Sigma Academy  with over 18years of experience.  I have trained MBB’s/BB’s/GB’s in DMAIC/DFSS (TLG) projects.  I am also a trainer in Lean and Kaizen events.  I have intentions to start a consultancy service in Chennai.. and planning to relocate to India very soon.  Do you all have any advice or suggestions.  My original plan is to start the consultancy and trainings in Chennai and spread it over the other states.  I got good contacts with the global six sigma communities.


    Yes. It can happen. You might start as a freelance trainer or an consultant. You have opportunity & Start with business alignment, the buzzwordy word is 6S.


    Meenakshi: There are lot of good opportunuty to get trainined as Six Sigma GB. Individually you can get trained ,but the problem lies in excecutuing the project.
    You acn undergo lot of training untill and unless it is implemented in live environment there is no use.
    Hence the best adivise is to undergo training and Kikck start some project at your work place.
    Ashok : your idea is good. At the same time as a consultants the job shooldn’t get restricted to tarining and certification.
    The real challenge industry face is implementation


    Hi Manjanath,
    Thanks for your reply.  I have hands on experience on implementation of six sigma projects in timely manner with MNC’s.  More than 20 projects(DMAIC/DFSS/Top line Growth/transactional) were implemented by me as a lead and with BB’s as lead over 80 project as of today are successfully implemented with sustained gains ( after auditing by 3rd party).
    My experience says that without the top leadership’s involvement.. six sigma won’t be successful.. The flow has be from top to bottom and this will be an effective way of cultural change than asking just the BB’s and GB’s to do the project.


    Dear Ashok:
    I just wanted to call your attention to the following remarks made by Dr. Mikel Harry in a recent interview with Quality Digest (July 7, 2004). As I am sure you know Dr. Harry is one of the leading Six Sigma gurus.  He has been stressing the need to make available low-cost and comprehensive Six Sigma training. Here’s the exchange, in brief.  
    QD: On an individual level, is the training cost-prohibitive? And is this something that you’ve addressed as part of your partnership with Arizona State University? 
    Harry: I’m going to cut the cost of Black Belt and Green Belt training by a factor of 10. That’s my new goal. Before, I was the Rolls-Royce of Six Sigma. Now my goal is to become the Wal-Mart of Six Sigma, delivered at the speed of FedEx with the quality of Toyota.
    The full text may be found at the link given below.
    Best wishes to you in your endeavors at Chennai. Regards.


    That’s a beautiful quote!
    Since six sigma was US born, I think, the fee is not customized for indian enthusiasts.Perhaps, the future might get some good consultants that would offer course “Made for India”.
    In a sense, when the cost is high, only those who are serious about six sigma would get into it.If not, GB and BB will become just another certification course one will undergo to make a competitive resume :-)


    The market is vibrant and there is so much awareness about six sigma that if you run a search, you would find atleast 30 people within this forum who are keenly looking for an inst. to do a course in chennai.
    Apart from individuals, the corporate market is also open.The BPO market is one target market for you.Since many of the outsourcing companies are from US, Six sigma awareness in the BPO companies are high (due to their clients).But unfortunately, many use it to impress clients to aquire more projects than to actually make use of six sigma to  optimise their functions.When you are home, you will find BPO players with more than 500-1000 employees still have just 1 BB and there might not exist a GB at all.If that BB resigns, there is no body to do six sigma in these companies!. This situation is because, many companies are only exposed to the “hype” of six sigma and they just hire a single BB and say the company practises six sigma.
    one of the forum members from chennai had queried how to select a SS BB.That’s another good area.Lot of companies don’t have a good six sigma foundation and depend on consultants in hiring someone up in hierarchy.I would say the niche market is in BPO(IT,ITES) market.
    Just my opinion..


    Dear Kris:
    Yes, Made For India, even Made In India. Why not?
    I am glad to note that there is so much interest in Six Sigma methodologies in India. Regards.


    Dear Meenakshi,
    You might contact:
    Mr. Rajasekar NanduriE-mail Address:
    Web Site:


    I want to pursue a course in Black/Green Belt. Presently I am working in Moser Baer India Limited in Greater Noida near DELHI. At present the company has no plan for Black Belt/Green Belt Six Sigma but I want to do the course on my personel belhalf.
    How can I do, give me the approach, My Mobile no is 01131105493 & email ID is
    Thanks & Regards
    R C Pandey


    I want to pursue a course in Black/Green Belt. Presently I am working in Moser Baer India Limited in Greater Noida near DELHI. At present the company has no plan for Black Belt/Green Belt Six Sigma but I want to do the course on my personel belhalf.
    How can I do, give me the approach, My Mobile no is 01131105493 & email ID is
    Thanks & Regards
    R C Pandey


    Dear Meenakshi,
    This is Venkat from Chennai. I understood from the forum messages that you are interested to attend 6-sigma training at Chennai.
    I am in the process of pooling the people who are interested (like me) to pursue the Six sigma(Black belt/Green Belt) Training. Dr.Chalapathi (Six Sigma Consultant) is willing to take training at Chennai. But he 10 people minimum to do the training.You can find his profile at
    If you are interested to participate please mail me back at with your contact number & available timings or call me at my office 044-22540473 (extn:7900) or at my residence 044-55510366(between 8.30 pm & 9.30 pm).
    Thanks & Regards,
    Venkat, PMP.


     Iam working in a BPO as Quality Analyst in Chennai.My company is an ISO certified organisation but is not keen on implementing SS in the near future.
    Iam interested in SS GB.Please guide me as to what to do and is there any institute in chennai that offers GB course.What do I do for Project?!!…


    That’s true that companies like Brigade are yet to start their six sigma voyage….long way to go.But, yeah, you can learn six sigma from 3rd party centers, if not from company.
    There is a course(GB) conducted by ISI that starts on Sep-20.The center is in Nungambakkam.The course is for a month in the evenings(2 hours).very nominal fee of 15000Rs.If timings suits you, I would recommend you to join them.
    Best wishes.


    Thanks a lot for the reply.i will enquire with the institute but do you have any idea  as to what i can do for projects.Okay, ISI can train me but you do know that once cannot project anything worthwhile without real time project exposure.As i said earlier,Iam not in a position to implement SS in my company.So do you have any suggestion/advise for me.


    Learn six sigma; see if you really have the six-sigma material in you. Are you willingto be in an environment where you can handle conflicts, where you will have to go to people who will bluntly resist your ideas and you know it’s worth 10 Billion dollars?. In other words, do you really want to become a “change agent’. If yes, then GB cert might take you to the first step.
    Once you are done with the course, find a job in a company that is already doing six sigma and is serious about its deployements. Look out for companies that has GB cert as a MUST criteria (This means they are serious about it). Quit and get into a new role. Enjoy the pain of being a part of six-sigma team! :-)


    Thanks for the practical advise.


    You can try AQS for Six Sigma GB and Black Belt training programs for Manufacturing, Software Quality, Call Centers and HR.
    They are in Crown Court, Cathedral Road, Chennai 600 086.
    Ph: 044-52049490.


    Dear Mr Ashok
    I, am interested  in undergoing a programme on sixsigma.Kindly post me revelant details via email. ( My hand phone no 98410 32920 or 9840856343. Await your earliest reply.


    Devarajan Ravindran
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    Dear friends ,
    I am a certified BB in six sigma and interested in upgrading myself as Master Black Belt.
    Whether anybody can guide me in uprading ???? How ? Where ? how much ? How long to ????
    Devarajan Ravindran


    dear ashok,
                     I would like to know your mail ID

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