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    Hello Everybody,
    I just finished my masters and want to learn Six Sigma BB course. but the most worrying things are
    1. to select institute
    2. to select project
    Iam not yet employed , so if i take six sigma BB taining how can i get a project on it????
    Could any one ,please help me in this matter??
    thanking you,



    Hi Kishore,
    If you want a honest suggestion, buddy you need a job first. You the worth of Six sigma is once yor understand the business. To be honest if you are trying to build your career on bookish knowledge, I will never advice you this. Get into a job as you have already done your masters finding a job wont be problem. Then apply for BB course it will make lot of sense.
    Just to end with this thought.
    Practical world is very different from bookish world.



    Hello Mr.Harry….
    Thank you for u r valuable sugestion……
    But the thing is companies and recruiters are asking experience of GBor BB to get a job…..
    my situataion is
    need a job for experience and need experience for job
    and also i’m personnely intrested in six sigma……thats why i’m planning to get the training of GB or BB.
    my problem is as u said practical knowledge is very importent i’m searching for a real  project to do while learning six sigma.
    thanking you,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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