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    How much does an average green belt gets paid on a yearly salary ?? Is it depending on the company or experience ?


    Adam Bowden

    Lots of factors:
    – Existing level in the business (individual contributor, Manager, Director, VP etc)
    – Type of industry
    – Function within industry
    – Tenure
    – Sophistication of “succession planning” process
    I have not seen GB certification do much for someones current salary BUT in terms of marketability and career progression it is a usefull add.



    Green belts are not compensated based on their six sigma experience, typically. If you understand the six sigma training model, employees that are doing a specific job are invited to be green belts and do a project in their work area for about 25% of their time. They receive training and complete the project. Perhaps they do a good job and are recognized for doing so. Most companies view green belt training (and certification) as a tool within the employee toolbox. It may help an employee hit their bonus (if they’re bonus eligable), it might help an employee get promoted (and get a higher salary), or it might not do anything to their salary. Because they’re doing a job in any department within the organization and have various experience levels, training, education (see previous poster’s comments) it’s not appropriate to talk about green belt salaries as it is for black belts. Instead, find out what someone makes in your profession.



    Agree with Trev,
    GB’s aren’t (usually) full time 6s professionals, they retain their salary for the job they are currently doing, eg – Logistics manager / IT manager etc etc, whilst carrying out a project typically 20% of their time, they MAY get a bonus for completion of a project, but they MAY not. They tend NOT to get a salary increase once they become a GB, but it WILL increase their chance of a salary increase for the future. BB’s, on the other hand can be a minefield when it comes to salary, sometimes a BB is promoted from within a company & WILL probably gain a salary increase (i actually chose to be a BB way back & actually took a salary DECREASE short term). BB’s that move from one company to another are the most likely to gain the greatest salary rise, but there are potential pitfalls to go with this (see a previous thread on hiring BB to train personnel)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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