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Sixsigma training @ Chennai, India

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    Hello folks,
    Are ther any training center’s in chennai which provides six sigma green belt certification!
    Please furnish with complete details!


    Is  it really Six  Sigma  Training or  “Sick” Sigma Training??


    Hello Folks!
    U might be getting whimsical replies from our beloved ‘Marlon Brando’. Please dont throw yourself in deep confusion.
    He was alright since last week! Unfortunately…When he was rushin to office last sunday.. he fel upside down from steps and gone half insane……..Due to inevitable situation ..Kindly bare his ridiculous replies…


    I insist that  there  is  no great  efforts in  regard  to  SS  activities  in  India .Other-wise tell  me  the  average  score  of  SS in  your  country  before  and  after.Just  trying  to  apply  SS does  not  mean that you  succeed.


    The success of  country doesnot depend on the ‘success in six-sigma’.
    You need to use proper metric for defining the success and failure of a country. Anyways, INDIA doesnot need a certificate from you to understand its sigma level. I would suggest that you should remain away on these discussions in this forum.
    It is people like you, who are causing racism and terrorism in the world. I would appeal to six-sigma website to ban you, because I remember that you had written similar kind of comment about India’s President as well.


    Hello Monk,
    Its Ok .May be Marlon would have done that without his knowledge and for that ask him to clear off from this discussion forum is bit rude! skip that no issues!
    Please avoid racsim,harsh replies and try to help Novice guys like us to learn more about SixSigma!
    We are more dependent on experienced guys like u (monk,marlon)…


    Attached are the etiquette guidelines for posts on this open forum. The isixsigma forum is very well aware of the various names that you have been posting under and the content of the language used them. Thanks for your continued professional contribution to this public forum. At the same time we need to remind you to refrain from written behavior that is not compliant with these guidelines.


    Thanks for the information. I agree to the guidelines.
    At the same time, you will agree that there are a lot more people, who have been making foul statements without any support data. Can you do something about that too… so that we are able to read racist statements from people like Marlon Brando and Orang_Utan


    Hello Raj:
    Try the link to BMG at the top of this page – they conduct public training for Black and green belts in locations that rotate around major cities in India – you may also try the search function near the top of the site and find other training providers


    I’m  glad  that  you  become  “mad”,mixing  up  between  SS Implementation  ,racism ,politic…etc.I still  believe  that  several  of  those  companies  are  implemeting  “sick”  sigma  instead  of  the proper  SS.You  are  advocating  bad  practices .Shouting  does  not  help you.Please  relax .India  is  a  great  Country,but  your  companies  still  have  a  very  long  journey to  achieve “SS”.I  should  respect  this  Forum ,therefor I  will not be  offensive  or  mad (like you).Best Wishes 


    I think iSixSigma was responsive enough when they created the following location to answer exactly that question because it appears here about once per day:
    The post is starting to look more like an opportunity for free advertising.
    Good luck

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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