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    barry murphy

    Hi all,

    In the improvement phase of a project do any of you use a solutions matrix to link possible solutions to undesireable effects (UDE’s) that were identified in the Define phase of the project? I have heard of a radar type chart that is used to link solutions to UDE’s but I have not seen it myself. Any help would be appreciated?



    You could, however the approach I see used most often is to use an FMEA or, if you get to full solutions, a control plan created in addition to the solution matrix.

    The control plan template we use is just a lighter version of FMEA, essentially some way to identify and measure UDE’s, but not the formal RPN measurement.

    If done correctly the solution matrix should weed out, or identify, those solutions which produce less than optimal results based on the criteria you are bouncing your potential solutions against. I tend not to try and make the tool more than that by expanding into risk factors or UDE’s in your world.

    That being said I am sure there are other ways it is being used.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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