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    Nitesh Saxena

    Hi All,

    I completed my ASQ CSSBB two years back, however my current organisation does not follow this as a improvement methodology. For the same reason, I havent really been able to get any project experience post completion of my certification. My current location is Pune, India, and I am interested in Pro Bono project work. My main intention to gain working knowledge of the Six Sigma methodologies.



    Well, on the map, it looks like there are TON’s of companies in Pune, India. Make a list of the top 20 you would like to work with and give them a call. That’s what I did! I didn’t even get through the top 5 when one of them had a problem they thought I could help solve. You don’t need to work at a big company. You don’t need to work on a million dollar project. A small or medium sized company close to home might be good for a pro bono project. Just explain your situation and ask if they would like some free help.

    On the other hand, if you have problem where you work now (don’t we all), you can offer to help and use THEIR methodology if you must. Then run your own parallel Lean Six Sigma paperwork, improvement process and report out. This could be a chance to educate your current employer about the value of the DMAIC process.


    Pawan Dwivedi

    I agree with Ahiru-san’s points. If you are having trouble with getting any good company then try to make a contact with course providers like “Excelr Solutions” as they have some companies where they can refer you to gain work experience.



    Yes, you can help small and medium sized companies. In my freelancing experience, I saw many companies(Food and beverage, processing, casting etc) struggling to overcome their problems which can be solved with Lean and SS tools.
    Approach them with your plan and I am sure no will turn you down.You will find many automotive suppliers in Pune.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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