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    Hi everyone, I am new in this forum and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    I am soon starting a SSBB training. It requires me to lead and complete a SS project. No problemo so far. But, I am currently unemployed because I put my career on hold to raise my children. I live in Calgary, Canada and I would like to know if someone out there could give me advice. Thank you



    Perhaps a local volunteer agency — a food bank? Someplace that uses frequently repeating processes (ease of data collection), that could use a free efficiency increase.



    I don’t think it’s difficult to find a company that won’t at first want some free improvement work or consultancy. Best if you stick to the industry you have had experience in if possible. Smaller operations work better because it’s easier to talk to the decision makers. A printing company or a bookkeeping operation, A/C installation company or a larger hardware store. 
    But here’s the challenge: Rather than finding an appropriate project, you should focus your search on finding an environment in which you have a chance of success. It’s not easy to find all-the-way-through supportive Champions/Sponsors, even in established Six Sigma organizations. And just because there is buy-in at the beginning doesn’t mean that process owners start blocking and stalling as soon as the team comes up with unorthodox improvement suggestions.
    Ah, the team… make sure their line leaders are involved and agree beforehand on releasing them of their duties for weekly team workshops.
    Black Belts that are trained within an existing Six Sigma organisation have Master Black Belt support on an ongoing basis, so if their first project tanks during training they can quickly pick up a second one. If you are supported by a school or consultacy, that exposure is limited and if your first project turns out a non-event, you’ll have difficulties keeping up with the program without having to pay extra.
    OK, that was a lot of “glass half empty” stuff. Sorry, I’m not here to burst bubbles. You want the right career and you should have as much constructive support as possible. I hope my contribution is of some assistance.
    Good luck!



    Get a job?



    Thank you so much Topher for your reply. You are right on the money. I can easily find a structure interested in “free” help, but they usually know nothing about 6  sigma and will not provide real help. On the other side, the problem I encounter in bigger companies is that they have their own 6 sigma organisation and don’t need me. I have six months after course completion to provide my complete project to get a chance to obtain my certification. After that deadline my chance is gone. So it is not just a question of money, my certification depends on this project. I already contacted my old employers and am waiting for an answer. I am also asking my friends to spread the word.
    About Stan’s reply, I was working as a Production Supervisor in the Food industry. First of all, there is no job offer right now in my foeld second of all, I cannot work shifts due to lack of evening and night babysitting resources and third of all, I have been off work for 4 years and am not competitive no more in the market place. But I keep looking as it would be so much easier for me. But hey Stan, if you have a job to offer I am listening.


    Robert In Florida

    You can contact a local Calgary non-profit / NGO organization and offer to do a project to help their organization reduce their operating expenses or improve their generation of revenue.


    n patel

    U’re in a catch 22 situation.
    Unless you already have a data set from your
    previous work that you can analyse, you need a job.
    Easier said than done.
    Calgary, however, is a 6 sigma followers dream
    territory. Companies, by & large are text book
    examples for COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality); right from
    logistics to production.
    Try to focus on that industry where your experience
    is atleast 5 years, generate a COPQ & approach each
    People never say no to free consultation.


    Don Strayer

    Companies DO say no to free consutation offers.  There’s a perception that free means it can’t be very good and/or you have an ulterior motive.  And it’s never entirely free.  You’re asking them to invest time and effort.  To get your foot in the door this way you must offer a mutual value proposition and have some good references for your side of the proposition.  Speaking from personal experience.


    Shafi Khalisdar

    You never offer it free. People who are not familiar
    with Six Sigma do not know what they are missing.
    Offering Six Sigma Consultation for free to companies
    who do not appreciate it is farther devaluing Six
    Sigma in their eyes. So, make some calls to
    consulting companies to see if you can work something
    out with them. There are a lot of Six Sigma
    Consulting firms. Hope this helps.



    Thank you so much guys, it really helps. And by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    So far my plan is to prepare a presentation booklet about what 6 sigma is in general and what I could offer through this project and also the commitment and investment the company or organization would have to agree to. In the meantime I research COPQ in Food Industry companies. Then I research all the companies in my field as well as all the non profit organization and I contact them. At the same time I keep looking for a job. I also ask my friends and network to ask around.
    How am I doing so far? Did I forget anything?
    By the way Don, you are saying you had the same experience, could you tell me a little more? What happened?, did you find a project? How did it go?

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