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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a question regarding Stabilty Factor as a metric in terms of Production performance.
    When is this Stabilty Factor suitable to use?
    What does it really provide us? Is a ration of Q1/Q3..getting to 1 means what satble

    Here is my application.
    Hope you guys can help me.

    Baseline information:

    Currently we are collecting Cycle Time for different products
    I’m talking about 50-70 different products everyday and what is interesting is that these products in not repeatable daily. We have a very high product mix 3000+++
    and will run differently prodcut everyday .

    Semi Auto

    These 50-70 orders per day will have different CT because of different process and parameters/raw mats.

    Now if i get the daily CT of product and run descriptive stat get Q1/Q3
    I will get my SF. I can get the data for for daily SF and also an over SF for a month.

    Now my issue is this making sense? I was told that the main intent that we need to get the SF is to measure the stabilty of our process, we will use this as a metric.

    Now I am not convince since we have a high product mix, Cycle time changes everyday. For me we can not really detect stability in this way becuase in the first place product is non -repeatable. For me that SF value will confuse me. Any improvements I made from process will not be showing stability because my CT changes due to product mix. Out of these 50-70 daily repeated products can happen only after one month. 3000+++ product mix..

    Need input from you guys..Thanks


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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