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    Reigle Stewart

    As you know, the debate is scheduled for July 29, 2004 at Arizona State University.  At the request of the Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Keats, the following points of coordination are being communicated to you and Dr. Harry: 
    A) The debate will begin promptly at 9:00 AM and end at 12:00 PM.  Both referees have commitments immediately following the debate, so adherence to the schedule is essential. 
    B) The debate location at ASU has not yet been confirmed.  Once confirmed, it will be communicated to all parties in a timely manner. 
    C) The referees expect to receive a copy of the final white paper (and any related presentation slides or simulations) not later than July 15th.  Such materials must be sent to: [email protected].  
    D) The referees also have requested that each party include a full resume with their materials.  The referees each want to know the background qualifications of the parties prior to the debate. 
    E) During the debate, each party will be provided 1.25 hours (75 minutes) to present their case.  Of this allocated time, 45 minutes will be used for presentation while the remaining time (30 minutes) will be dedicated to referee’s examination and opponent cross-examination.  A short break will be provided between the presentation and Q&A examination. 
    F) The referees have determined that Stan will present first and Dr. Harry will present second (as a courtesy to Stan).
    G) The central question underlying this debate is as follows: “What is the theoretical rationale and pragmatic basis for constructing a Six Sigma model of capability that incorporates a 1.5 sigma mean shift?”  Please understand that the debate will not be allowed to deviate from this focus.
    Reigle Stewart



    Thats good. We really do not want Stan or Statman (BTW, where is he?retired?on long term assignment? in Alaska?no idea) to retreat and decline this opportunity.
    If Reigle has taken pains to arrange this it should be OK to you considering the credential of the referees.
    Just go on and take up this challenge. We are with you. Anyway, though close door debate but at least it would happen and results are assured to get published.
    And believe me there will be thousands of comments on the results to support the truth. So why worry?
    Cheers !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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