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Topic Quantifying the Value of Stand-up Desks

Quantifying the Value of Stand-up Desks

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    Hi there,

    I work in a low volume, high mix production environment. The office staff, play many roles to support the products we make.

    We recently purchased 5 stand up desks, and the candidates following the trial, have all come back with positive feedback. They explained how they felt it improved their posture, so no more back issues as such, less distractions as they often leave the desks, so when they come back they are straight into it, and general morale was improved.

    However i plan to try and quantify this somehow, hence the post. I would like to create another survey with the questions aimed towards something tangible. As given their roles and the business it is hard to quanitify the improvements on productivity.

    I had a few ideas myself for example “how often do people need to view your screen in given day” as the desk negates the need for others to find a chair to view their screen.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I would suggest reaching out to some of the stand-up desk manufacturers. I suspect they’ve done some research on this as a part of their marketing plan for the desks. This may save you from having to do a bunch of extra leg work.

    (Also, we have them at 100% of the desks at my company, including even the receptionists, and they are GREAT!)

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    Ergonomic benefits are notoriously difficult to quantify since there are so many variables. Improved productivity? Maybe, but can you attribute it to the stand-up desks? Cost reduction due to reduced health problems? Even harder to quantify. Vendor’s studies? Well, what else would they say. The one thing you can quantify is whether or not employees like them and believe they help them do better. Employee satisfaction and morale is nothing to scoff at.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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