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    Hi Everyone,

    I came across a calculation methodology followed by one of my client which is developed on severity.

    Here the task has been divided in different buckets basis severity to keep a tab in which section the errors are happening. However when we are calculating the overall score it is based on :

    Red Bucket Score*Orange Bucket Score*Yellow Bucket Score – Is the Calculation method correct? Is it based on any Methodology? As it is neither falling under DPU nor DPO.

    Overall Score =  Red Score x Orange Score x Yellow Score
    Sev Weight Score = (Total Units – units with Error) /Total Units Reviewed
    Red Severity =  Red Weighted Score x Red Weighted Score
    Orange Severity = Orange Weighted Score x Orange Weighted Score
    Yellow Severity = Yellow Weighted Score x YellowWeighted Score
    Perfect Project = Number of Projects with a Perfect Score (100) /Total Projects Reviewed
    Perfect SKU =  Number of Units without an error /Total Units Reviewed

    Please share your thoughts.




    As Crosby said, the only goal is zero defects.  Otherwise, if you’re saying that your goal is 99% defect free, for instance, it’s saying that your goal is to create 1% defects.  I appreciate the concept of weighting defects so we can address the most significant ones first, as we do in an FMEA or Shainin.  The obvious problem with the methodology you describe is that it’s reactive rather than proactive.  In other words, it finds and weights defects after they occur, which is wasteful.  It sounds more like a complicated way to make excuses rather than prevent defects.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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