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    Hi all –
    Just wondering if anyone has come across a standard for the cost of implementing a defect.  For example a mistake if identified in design will cost $X to fix, if not identified until manufacturing it will cost some multiple or exponent of $X to fix, and if not caught until implemented / after-market, it will cost some greater multiple or exponent of $X.
    (i.e. the same mistake will cost $8 in design, $80 in manufacturing / development, $8000 after implementation)
    Thank you


    Et Al

    I’m reminded of a failure analysis article from RAL, linked as follows:



    I always view this as an exponential curve with Cost and Time as the axis. That is, the later a fault is identified the more costly it is to correct.
    Such a correction may require other (otherwise non-faulty) fixes to be made as well to accommodate a fix to the actual fault. Hence the exponential nature of the curve.
    As to specific $ values, that is entirely dependent on the specifics of the product/project etc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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