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    I was appointed as head of our Six Sigma program at work. the problem is that I have to do it without any training. Where do I start?


    Syed Yasir Ali

    Dear Doug,
    How u doin ?
    I am myself involved with Process Improvement projects with Hughes in India and let me tell you it is just a matter of getting started. Please allow me to share the methodology that I followed myself. I hope it helps you.
    The entire transition will start from lot of self learning and will include your past experience with the job. Once we plan to undertake any six sigma activity we need first to analyze our own capability.
    Let me tell you that Six sigma in very easy language means Analyzing large scale data and on the basis of that using various management tools to control our day to day working and thereby reducing errors  in the job that we do and increasing our efficiency and our productivity and as a result increasing the Return on Investment. .
     Step1. I started with lot of self learning in the areas of statistics  —-  mode , median , Control and Bar Charts (Histograms), Pareto Charts , Run Charts , Regression Analysis , Basic Sampling techniques …. All these tools will help you run the projects smoothly.
     Step2. Once through with this … I started to get the hands on experience on various techniques of data mining and subsequently used the above mentioned tools to make sense out of the data.
     Step3. After this we learn the use of techniques that are very common in any six sigma interested organization like …. Fish bone analysis, Pareto Analysis, Control Chart Plotting and Analysis, Regression Analysis, Process Flowcharting etc.
     Step 3. After that we come to a place where we determine as to what are the key focus areas which needs our immediate attention in the organization and what will be the focus group for all these.
     Step4 . We plan accordingly and than we define and delegate responsibility to all those included in the process improvement.
     Step 5. Than we use the above techniques in DMAIC … these are the different phases the project will go through to achieve the desired result.
     Doug , These steps may be included in one line however it needs very exhaustive study and analysis . There are 2 things that you must always keep in mind while doing any six sigma project:
     1. Choose the project that requires immediate concern.
     2. Choose a focused team and try to complete a project in not more than 4-6 months.
     My personal experience tells me that if we extend the six sigma process for too long there is a high probability that it will back fire …that is  either the organization or the employees involved in the project would loose the focus.
     Regards and take care …
    Learning is Achieving.    



    I would start by quitting and going to work for a company that invests in their employees.



    This is like telling you to go somewhere by car but you do not know how to drive. So first you will have to learn how to drive (training, guidence, support, $$, etc.) then get specific directions where you have to go (how many will go with you, $$ you will be allowed to spend on the way, etc.)
    It will be up to you to figure out what kind of training you need, how much $$ will be invested for that etc. Maybe while you are learning you can also learn about how to develop a SS program.
    Good Luck.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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