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    We have to build a a sort of SPC software in our application.With much analysis, I am finding that we have to perform certain tests on the points depicted on the control charts .Giving certain examples below
                                                                   i.      1 point more than 3 sigmas away from center line
                                                                 ii.      9 points in a row on same side of center line
                                                                iii.      6 points in a row, all increasing or decreasing

    There are few more.Since I am an IT guy and don’t know much about these tests so I am wondering  whether these are standard tests in six sigma world and if so, are any free tools available in market to perform these tests once we pass data to them ?
    Some six sigma guys gave me these ideas of not writing each line of code through scratch but search for standard tools in Internet .
    Anybody help on this will be useful .
    Thanks !!



    They are referred to as western electric rules, do a google search.Techy, I could program these in Excel or Access in about 20 minutes.
    What’s the big deal?



    Why reinvent the wheel? I would invest in a few software licences.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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