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    CHuck S

    We have a minimum pressout force on a carrier pin that is staked.  We are having a large debate on if we can statiscally evaluate due to all of the variables: pin dia, hole dia, etc….  Different groups feel that 851 pressout attribute test is good while others want to look at Cp and Cpk.  Is it appropriate to look at Cp and Cpk on this or is it not reflective of the process?  thoughts?



    What’s the debate?  Why wouldn’t you be able to evaluate this?  Graph it first.  Use a histogram.  What does it look like?  Next, put the statistics to it. 
    It really doesn’t matter how many different factors are involved.  Any process has innumerable factors.  What matters is the final output.  In your case, the press-out load.  So chart it!  Just do it!
    BTW, I worked on a press-in project a couple of years ago.  It seemed as though it was a simple geometry problem.  Couldn’t have been more wrong!  Turned out, it was the rust preventative the supplier applied to the product lubricating the hole, making press-in loads appear too low. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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