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    Stevo’s dilemma of the day:
    I am glad there is no governing body in Six Sigma with all of their “rules and regulations”.  Because traditionally one of the first rules to be created is something around the minimal level of competency of their Black Belts.  I would never pass and it would lead to my dismissal, my family would leave me and I would have to go work for a consulting firm (gawd no!!!).  Probably in some dark and dingy copper mine in a third world country or Canada (Carnell – are you hiring?)
    However, with the new wave of Black Belts getting certified in a week, employers are going to have to start creating their own specifications, one again something that I will never be able to achieve.
    Darned if I do darned if I don’t.
    My future is not looking too bright.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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