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    Stevo’s question of the day that quickly turns into his whine of the day.
    Has the age of good debates passed in this forum?
    We used to have truly entertaining arguments almost every day, now I have to wait weeks for my fix.  People would bring it, using logic, passion, stats, math, religion, personal experiences, war stories, personal attacks and sometimes even six sigma.
    Some are still trying to keep it alive, we occasionally get a Stan drive-by or Carnell pops by and delivers a somewhat long winded beat-down (Mike – you’re getting better, I’m glad you’re taking my coaching and mentoring).
    Yes, the newbie can still get his/her question answered wrong, that’s always good for a laugh, but it’s fleeting, kind of like eating Chinese food.
    It reminds me of Saturday Night Live of the 80’s.
    I’m a pretty pony,

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