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    Stevo’s thoughts of the day.
    I did the math and 0% chance of me making Santa’s “nice” list.  It’s just as well; I would have shot someone’s eye out anyway.
    I’ve made comments in the past regarding “social filters” (I’m looking at you Stan)  I.e. People stating what they really think without taking the time to word it respectfully or even better yet, not say it at all.  There have been times when I’ve wanted to say, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, God must have put a pierogi in your head instead of a brain.” But I didn’t.
    But this post is not about that, it’s about people “intellectual filter”.  Some people do not know that they are stupid; they answer posts with such garbage and conviction.  Even when they are corrected, they don’t have the common sense to back off, lick their wounds and fight another day. 
    If you are unsure of an answer and just want to get in the game and be part of this community, say that.  State your opinion and lean how to take the coaching.  Or better yet, don’t say anything stupid.
    Whichever holiday you choose to observe, I hope it is happy and fruitful,

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