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    Ian Rose

    I found the 5 day course quite inspiring and its given me impetous to drive effective change at my company.
    I would like us all to use this site (or another www if you have a better suggestion) toΒ keep in contact and share our ideas, problems and successes during our GB projects.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Ian Rose ([email protected])


    Kenny Mullen

    Great idea Ian, Some of us more technically challenged beings thought about circulating everyones E-Mail adresses but this is much better. Bit harder for me cos no-one wants to say the words Six Sigma and only want to talk Lean.Β 



    Yeah sounds like a good idea. I think I’ll be needing a bit of assistance over the next couple of months as I’ve just got back from holiday this morning and think I’ve forgotten most of what we learned last week. I’ve got no prob sharing my email address aswell: [email protected]


    Jennifer Teevan

    Think this forum is a great idea, so just thought I’d post a little update as to how things are going here.
    Just started the Define phase which so far has been a bit difficult as different managers have different views on the project and are trying to put forward solutions.Β  However, I’ve got past that now and my project title is going to be “Increase Resource Utilisation in Machine Shop”.
    I now need to define this further to be more precise and have actual figures to put with it.Β  I’ve created a timescale for the Define phase which breaks down the activities I need to do, just get in touch if you want a copy ([email protected]).
    Hope all is well with you guys.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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