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    Here is the situation:
    We want to do a Gauge R&R study related to concentration level of a certain substance.
    -To get a reading, we have to put a card on the operator in order to reflect his exposure
    – we must leave the card on the operator for 8 hours because the exposure leve is determine on a full shift
    -it costs 100$ to get the readings per card (concentration analysis of each substance)
    How should i plan the sampling?
    Here are my thoughts,
    -put 2 cards on the same operator to verify the repeatability
    – do that in 2or 3 different days for the reproducibilty
    what are your thoughts?
    thanks in advance



    Add another operator.  I’m speaking without understanding the environment, but I personally would want to know if the reading seen on one person will be the same on another.  If you have 2 people working side by side, tag them both.  Otherwise, I’d put 2 tags on the one person.  Otherwise your plan should work.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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