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    Barely into the Analysis phase of DMAIC, and the performance has increased by as much as 30%. May be because of greater awareness of the importance of the measure or greater self discipline. Whatever it is, is it normal and is it sustainable??? Anyone having experienced similar situation ??  I am a newbie BB doing my first project.



    First of all you need to check whether the data is continous or discrete. I guess it should be continous since you are talking about normality then the minimum number of data points required to do any statistical analysis is about 20 data points. Then you need to do an normality test (Anderson darling test) and check for the 95% of confidence interval and if the P value > 0.05 then your data is normal if not the data in not normal. Well while doing a project there are some guidelines for a six sigma project which is followed by GE, and other MNC’s. Like if your current process capability was less than 3 sigma then 90% DPMO reduction is expected and if it is greater than 3 sigma then 50% DPMO is expected. Hence dont get surprise, if you come across 30 % performance increase. What happens if you automate that process then obviously your performance increase will be > 95%.



    this happens and its perfectly norma
    all the more why it happens is due to the fact that certain obvious things generally get neglected by process owners and once you start highlighting those things they become sensitive and start improving rather controlling their processes. Its detection which has increased and has brought in the results
    would suggest do an extensive FMEA and see if all controls are working and are present as well. only then you will be able to sustain the improvements
    further to this over a period of time when it stabalises at certain level of capability you can use six sigma tools to further enhance it and you shall realise more data oriented tools will be required after a certain level of capability

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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