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    I’m a new BB, and I’m wondering how I’m doing in terms of leadership and team engagement.  Has anyone conducted surveys on their own project team, asking items like:
    In your opinion, how well the the project meet its goals?  Were you comfortable with the process? Was it worth your time?  How was communication within the group and towards the organization?  How effective was the BB in managing the process?  Looking back, what could have been done better?
    Has anyone created a survey and do you have any results as to benefit of doing this?



    What a wimpy thing to do. If you don’t know by the end of a project, you are not the right person to lead change.



    I do not feel seeking feedback is ‘wimpy’, I would suggest welcoming feedback is way to  grow in your leadership skills which it appears to me you want to do. 
    I would also suggest however, that feedback occur during the project, not after. I have fourn feedback one:one with a trusted team member can build a strong supporter in the execution of the project. Asking one of your team members to monitor the reaction of the team during / after meetings is a way to know if you need to adjust your leadership style as the project progresses. We all have a dominant style (telling verse involving as an example) and may need to consider a different style from time to time to get to successful conclusion.  As to the learnings, if you’ve led your team in an environment of high trust then simply ask them openly for feedback on what they found useful in the way of tools and project management. After all, as Black Belts, is not developing the competencies of others a worthy goal in itself?


    Mike Carnell

    That was almost as bad as the original post. You are going to be in the middle of driving change. You will have a wide variety of people to deal with and you need to be able to deal with them in various ways. Most are going to be sincere and work their butts off. There is the occasional jaded pathetic loser (from a previous post) and you need to be able to deal with them and if you upset them that is life as a person who leads change.
    If Jack Welch would have run around checking to see if everyone felt good GE wouldn’t be where it is today. He believed what he was doing was right and did it. Doesn’t seem to have turned out to badly. How much are you getting for a personal appearance these days? Lots of people screamed about him but they kept buying his stock. As far as growing leaders – GE is heavily recruited because ……..? They produce good leaders. Check around and see how many current CEO’s came from GE – start at Home Depot.
    If you want everyone to feel good you might consider a job as a cruise director on the Love Boat.
    Good luck.



    I’m a SSBB, and I love confrontation when it comes to change; Convincing and getting others to see “another way” is something I look forward to on every project. However, to back up one the previous authors, encouraging teammates and developping them is also an important part of every BB’s job…it’s all about the balance baby.
    I do agree with Stan and Carnell though, to drive change, you can’t be a pushover – if you come across as weak, nobody will give a rat’s behind what you have to say and you’ll end up with the status quo. There are other ways to home in on leadership skills; get a mentor, take a course; If you ask your team, they may look at you like you were a squirrle…Be strong in thier eyes – you are the leader.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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