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    Does anyone know how to create a loss function in excel?
    Please help me sniff sniff sniff this out?
    Darth can I get a holla back?



    Beats the heck out of me. We have some great posters who know Excel and possibly one of them can help. Also learn to start searching this site and Google before posting a question. It will be less painful that way.



    Hai Darth_X,
    here is a way to do it.
    Input is LSL, T(arget), USL.
    1] you have to choose a formula for the loss-function. THE LOSS-FUNCTION does not exist (as far as I know); an often mentioned one is the quadratic form L=K*(y-T)*(y-T) where the K is the loss-factor. If you have T = (USL+LSL)/2 (i.e. in the middle) you can determine K if you have decided what the value of L should be for Y=LSL. If you want a different loss value for USL than for LSL you could add a term C*(Y-T).
    2] you have to choose the interval [a,b] for your graph; a is often chosen smaller than LSL and b is often chosen larger than USL
    3] In XL create a column with Y values: a+ k*d for k=0,….(b-a)/d.Choose d small (d is the distance between the Y-values; i.e. the resolution of your dots that form the graph). I often start with d=0.1 and lower it if the resolution is too coarse.
    4] Calculate the column of the L values from the column of 3] based on the chosen formula from 1].
    5] make a line plot from both columns with 3] as X-axis and 4] as y-axis value
    Hope this helps, Remi



    Why would you abscond with a reputable forum member’s ID, then ask that forum member for help.  Think up your own nom-de-plume and stop posing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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