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    If 5 people are on floor and they are required to work for 6 hours to produce 100 items… Then what is the TAKT time? Is it 18 mins or 3.6 mins?


    Glenn Roth

    I get 3.6 minutes….
    6hrs x 60 minutes = 360 min.
    360 mins x 60 minutes/sec = 21,600 sec.
    available time / demand = 21,600 / 100 = 211 sec/piece or 3.6 minutes = Takt Time.



    I think the question is quite misleading, it does not give you clearly the data you need to calculate the Takt time and gives some useless information instead. To calculate the Takt all you need is the customer demand and the available time to meet the demand, the number of people involved is completely irrelevant.Now, assuming that the data is correct, we could maybe suppose that the demand is 100 pieces in 6 hours. Also, lacking any other information, we could suppose that the available time for the production is 6 hours (a bit strange for the duration of a shift, but maybe the stuff is radioactive :) ) and also we need to suppose that there are no legal breaks or any other regular interruptions of work during the 6 hours.
    With these assumptions the Takt will be (Total available time) / (Customer need) that is 6*60 minutes /100 pieces or 3.6 minutes/piece. You need to release one finished piece every 3.6 minutes to meet the customer need.Given the formulation of the question this is kind of speculative – we have no idea where the requirement to finish 100 pieces in 6 hours comes from. It could, for instance, be simply the tradition in the unit, or a union requirement, in which cases the number I calculated would have nothing to do with the Takt time. Regards



    Takt time is define as number of minutes available divided by the number of items needed.  This will determine the number of people needed if the line is balanced.  Do not include in you calculations the fact that you have 5 people.  Let the takt time tell you how many you need.  In this case in 6 hours yo have 360 minutes.  If you need 100 pieces then that is 1 piece every 3.6 minutes.  You should balance your line so that you have all the people doing the same amount of work.  If you really need 5 people then that means for each piece needed each person will do about 45 seconds of work.



    Completely agreeing with Sandoor… also as you mentioned 45secs is only on the assumption that all these 5 people work on a sequential process. if the process are parallel or a combination of both then individual timings will be completely different. Also one needs to include necessary wait/travel/setting/down etc. times into the process.Definitely needs more info and understanding to give a final answer.

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