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    I have been asked to monitor the taste testing of a meat product for my company.  The methods used are, at this time, rather informal.  The samples of meat are rated between 0 and 9 for flavor, saltiness, tenderness, overall taste experience, etc.  The subjets are just who ever happens to drift into the test kitchen, but we seem to get around 15 – participants each time.  Most of the participants are from the office area, not the production floor persons.
    The results are tabulated in MiniTab, with the following descriptive statistics produced: Mean, Median, std. dev.
    An ANOVA is then run to compare the two products for the parameters (flavor, saltiness, etc), and then decisions are made mostly based on the p value.
    I have unsucessfully tried to find information that would increase the quality of the test setup and have found very little. 
    Would someone point me to a book, or web location, that would be tutorial in taste test setup/controls?  Sound simple, but I have not yet searched the right words or something because I have found very little.
    Things that are bothering me are: participants can talk to each other, the participants are mostly from the office area rather than a cross-section of society, lack of cleaning the pallet between taste-tests.  I need to get beyond my concerns by being able to by having resources to cite that support changes — and perhaps identify more pitfalls.
    Thanks,  Eugene


    Erik L

    Try conducting a search on sensory evaluation, qualitative data analysis, and ordinal data analysis through Amazon.  Might be what you’re looking for…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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