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    Rav Sabh

    In a call center, I am looking at reducing repeated call volume for same inquiries however after brainstorming need to analyze if the causes are significant. Looking at 4 months data to see if the repeat call volume has some correlation with the service levels meaning if a request was outside of service level and that is the reason we getting callers calling back again to know the status of the request. I have listed the repeat calls for the same caller day wise so that it shows what day a repeat call came in Day 1 Day 2, Day 3 and so on… (from the date of the original request)Need some guidance to know which test should I run to see this correlation or if at all I am heading towards the right direction. Please help.


    Mike Carnell

    @ravindersabharwal I have done some work in call centers but not a lot. I understand the first call and the cause. If I get a repeat call I would think the cause of the call would be classified differently. I return call, I would think, would be defective call center service.

    Ideally everything is caused by a defect of some type therefore the call. There are call from the original defective process/product and then there are call from the defective call center. I would think if you can separate the two you would report the first time call with root cause outside the call center and the repeat calls are the defect level for the call center and they own that root cause.

    I would think that repeat call by operator would be important.


    Rav Sabh

    @mike-carnell Thanks for the insights. So operator here would be the caller? I did not understand the defective call centre? Can you please elaborate. My data is based on the original request and then follow ups or inquiries or status on the original requestby the same caller. Example: Customer calls to canxel rhe service on July 16 and then follow up calls to check on the process or status of the request until it is completed.
    My sampke is huge so please also advise what should be a good sample size to differentiate these calls.


    Mike Carnell

    @ravindersabharwal I could easily have misinterpreted this. When they call into a call center there are two people on the phone. The person calling with a problem with service/product. The person who answers the call, responsible to resolve the customers issue. The first call is a product or service defect. The lack of resolution on the first call is the call center defect. Two different issues.


    Rav Sabh

    Hi @mike-carnell,

    Not at all, I wasn’t able to understand the difference so my bad. Thanks so much for the explanation. It makes sense to differentiate as there are 2 different issues. Thank you.


    Celejun Mahinay

    Good day!
    I would like to thank Mr. Mike Carnell for his very sensible and effective comments in here. Thank you sir. You have been the great asset in Six Sigma Communities. I have been learning so many great ideas from you and some other people here.

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